The Importance of Finding Your Community

In modern parenting, finding your community is quite different than in the past. Your tribe was your family and anyone in your immediate surroundings. Now, your tribe can be next door or halfway around the globe.

Here, we explore the importance of finding your community in modern parenting.

As well as how we can provide a continuum experience to our children and ourselves within the context of a modern society.

How can we begin to reclaim the tribal experience, like we have with babywearing and co-sleeping?

Finding Your Community with Extended Family

For some families, tribe-building is as simple as staying in place or moving back to live close to extended family.

Create Your Own Parenting Community

Teresa Pitman’s classic article, Finding Your Tribe offers one solution. First published in 2000, it has been republished many times since.

Homeschooling and Continuum Concept Ideals

In situations where homeschooling occurs between and around running a home-based business, children also get to observe and learn first-hand how the adult world operates in a way that was once a normal part of growing up.

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