The Top Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Strollers: 2023 Guide 

Natural-minded parents gravitate toward safe and sustainable items. And baby gear is no different. This guide to non-toxic, eco-friendly strollers will help you find the best option for your family.

In those early months, we generally felt more comfortable wearing our babies in a carrier than pushing them in a stroller. Infants are most content when they’re snuggled up to a parent. And holding them close tends to keep overly friendly strangers at bay.

Of course there are plenty of times a stroller comes in handy – especially when you’re trying to manage baby, a sibling, or a diaper bag or shopping bags, etc.

All-Purpose Strollers

An all-purpose stroller typically offers a smooth ride with convenient features like a storage basket, cup holders, and the option to recline the seat.

Lightweight Strollers

Also known as travel strollers or umbrella strollers, these are lighter and take less effort to fold and lift onto stairs, public transportation, or in and out of your car. Lightweight strollers are slimmer and easier to navigate in busy areas, making them great for travel. In general, these are more eco-friendly strollers because less materials are used to make them.

Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers offer suspension systems to help absorb bouncing from uneven surfaces or moving quickly. With three oversized wheels (the front can swivel or stay fixed), a jogger also features hand brakes to stop or slow the stroller on the downhill. They can be heavy and somewhat hard to manage due to the large wheels and suspension systems.

Double Strollers

If you have twins or siblings born close together, you’ll likely need a double stroller. They generally come in two options: side-by-side doubles, or in-line single-file seats. There are also convertible strollers that start with one seat and have the ability to add another for a second child.