The Top Safe & Eco-Friendly Baby Products 2023 Gear Guide 

Looking for the best natural and eco-friendly baby products of 2023? You’re probably here because you care about giving your child the healthiest start possible. If you’re like us, you’re concerned about the chemicals in the items we use every day.

Our team has been through every stage of baby and childhood, and we’ve been putting together an annual gear guide for 12 years now. 

So, whether you’re creating your baby registry or just shopping for a safe baby shower gift, you’ll always find our newest picks for safe, non-toxic baby gear here.

We search high and low for the safest, most convenient and non-toxic and eco-friendly baby products to save you the guess work.


These guides to non-toxic and safe baby gear will help you pick the best strollers, car seats, toys, sleep aids, carriers, and more. Keep reading below to learn more about our criteria and chemicals to avoid in baby products. Or choose from the selections below to find the perfect gear for your baby.

The Best Non-Toxic Car Seats

You choose a car seat to help keep your baby physically safe. But chemical safety matters, too. In this section of our 2023 baby gear guide, we’re covering the best non-toxic car seats.

The Best Non-Toxic Bassinets

When preparing for a baby, there’s one thing that most parents would agree is top of mind: baby sleep. It doesn’t help that oftentimes veteran parents meet the news of someone else’s upcoming baby with, “sleep while you can” and “better rest up now”.

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