Thoughtful Mindfulness Gifts for Kids

While mindfulness itself is a gift you can give your child early on (with benefits like helping them focus, increasing their self-awareness, and boosting their self-confidence), you can also give physical mindfulness gifts.

Sure, the latest must-have toy is fun, but we also want to give something meaningful. Believe it or not, it’s totally possible to give kids something as abstract and powerful as the gift of mindfulness.


In simple terms, mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention with a positive mind. Your child uses the mental process of purposefully bringing awareness into the moment and changing her impulsive reactions instead to thoughtful responses. It may sound like a mature or even complex concept, but it is actually totally attainable at a child’s younger developmental stage.

The goal of mindfulness gifts for kids is to develop the skill of being present. These toys can also help promote an overall sense of calm. Some are designed for the whole family to play together to foster quality family time.

Montessori-Inspired Wooden Block Set

Wooden blocks have stood the test of time because they’re classic toys that promote countless hours of creativity.

Mind Body Baby: Meditation

This meditation board book teaches little ones the basics of meditation with simple instructions that carry profound life lessons.

Montessori Mindful Breathing for Babies and Toddlers

Introducing this breathing and tracing activity early and through play children can give them a basis for mindfulness, self soothing, and managing big emotions.

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