Top 11 Options For Montessori Floor Beds

Floor beds might seem like a passing trend, but there’s much more behind them than having an Instagram-worthy toddler room. The Montessori Method of education is founded upon principles that support a child’s independence, and a Montessori floor bed encourages many of these principles.

Here you’ll learn what they are, why you might choose one for your child, your options to purchase or opt for a DIY floor bed frame, and how to set up the room safely.

Why Use a Montessori Floor Bed? In the book, The Secret of Childhood, Dr. Maria Montessori explained, “One of the greatest helps that could be given to the psychological development of a child would be to give him a bed suited to his needs and cease making him sleep longer than necessary.”

“A child should be permitted to go to sleep when he is tired, to wake when he is rested, and to rise when he wishes. This is why we suggest that the typical child’s bed should be done away with as has already been done in many families. The child instead should be given a low couch resting practically upon the floor, where he can lie down and get up as he wishes. Like all the new helps for a child’s psychic, a low bed is economical.”

The Original Montessori Bed

Handmade by a small, family-owned business, the Montessori Bed is the only option with a lifetime warranty. Their beds are made from Alder wood, which is known to be stronger than baltic, birch, and other types of wood.

House Bed with Trundle

A great grow-with-me option! The wooden trundle bed from Coco Village keeps little ones close to the floor as long as they need.

Solid Wood Platform Bed

Another simple and affordable option. Made with premium Finland Pine, the bed is resistant to household temperature and air humidity changes.

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