True Parent Problems: “I Don’t Want to Be the Mom Who Yells.”

It’s not entirely uncommon, even while maybe less prevalent, to see parents yelling at kids while out at the grocery store, at the park or even in your own backyard.

In fact, the parents yelling in some of those scenarios may very well be you and your partner losing your cool with your own kids. Even when you don’t want to, you may find its your only form of coping through a toddler tantrum or kid meltdown. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best solution.

“I Didn’t Want to Be a Mom Yelling All of the Time Either.”

It was early in the morning. My kids were getting ready for school, moving at a turtle’s pace. I kept reminding them we didn’t want to be late. After many attempts to hurry them along, I realized we were officially running late, and I yelled at my kids to hurry up.

I yelled because I wasn’t being heard.

We needed to leave, and the kids weren’t complying with my request. I felt powerless, and instead of getting their attention some other way, I took the easy road and yelled.

How to Discipline Without Yelling

It starts by connecting with your child. It doesn’t matter how many strategies we try or how many parenting books we read, we simply cannot have a profound effect on our child’s behavior if we don’t take the time to connect.

Set Yourself Up for Parenting Success

Most of the time when we yell it’s because we ran out of patience. We tend to yell more when we are not rested or when we haven’t had time to recharge ourselves.

Reprogram Your Mind

Yelling might be our go-to reaction because this is how we were raised and what was ingrained in us as kids. But if we want to discipline without yelling, we can reprogram our mind and change how we react to things.

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