Want Need Wear Read Gift Approach + Christmas Printable

It may seem counterintuitive when you want to encourage your child to play with something besides a screen, but there are tons of benefits to kids having fewer toys.

And when you give your child a few carefully selected gifts those gifts can have a much bigger impact.

Even more importantly, how do we help our child gracefully realize we can still be content, even when we don’t get everything we want?

With the Want Need Wear Read approach, each child gets…

something they want something they need something to wear something to read

Why Limit Your Child’s Gifts?

You might love watching your child wade through a pile of gifts on Christmas morning. But if having too much stuff around messes with your nervous system or if a big holiday isn’t in the budget this year, paring down to fewer gifts can be good for everyone.

Want Need Wear Read Christmas Printable

We created this easily printable holiday wish list, and gift tags, in Want, Need, Wear, Read fashion.

Need Gift Ideas

Here are some suggestions to get you thinking: sports equipment, backpack, headphones, watch, reusable water bottle