Winter Meditation for Kids: Mindful Snowman

In this winter meditation for kids, we’ll use vivid guided imagery to relax into the stillness of a mindful snowman.

Parents use these guided relaxation scripts to help their kids fall asleep easily, reduce anxiety or stress, improve self esteem, encourage active listening skills, and develop their robust imaginations.

Plus, adding mindfulness to your child’s routine can help regulate the nervous system.

Winter Meditation: The Mindful Snowman

Today we will go on a wonderful winter meditation journey using our mindfulness skills and our brilliant imagination.

Imagination unlocks the door to many wonderful adventures. These adventures take place inside our minds, but they can and do feel very real.

We can create whole new surroundings and experiences just by closing our eyes and using our incredible minds to journey beyond space, and time and to do things we might not normally be able to do in our everyday waking life.

So, let’s close our eyes now and take in a nice deep breath in through your nose. Now exhale out slowly through your mouth. Feel the coolness of the air flowing in and out.

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