Autumn Reeser on Living Authentically + How Nature Helps Keep Her Grounded

In our interview with Autumn Reeser, she shares about life with her two sons, her passion for nature, self-reflection, and some honest advice about motherhood.

Your positive energy and joy are evident no matter where you are, and our team often remarks on how at home your children seem in nature. Did you set it up that way? Or do you follow their lead?

It’s been a long, difficult, joy-filled process. So much of the life I was living at 30 didn’t feel authentic to who I am or what I value. Even though I’ve been scared every step of the way, I started speaking more honestly, exited toxic relationships, downsized my entire life and made wayyyy more space in my schedule to just be with myself.

Since we live in the city, it’s so important to me to get them out in nature as often as I can. My ancestors were farmers in Germany, Russia, and eventually South Dakota, and my parents and sister still grow their own food, which inspires me.

Favorite food:

Does wine count? If not, I’ll take pasta Bolognese, please…

Best vacation spot:

A campground in the woods, near a lake.

Ideal way to practice self-care:

Listening to your body & soul and taking the time to give it what it needs that day / week / season of life.

Words to live by:

Be here now. Only when we fully accept the present moment can we transform the future.

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