Rainbow Babies: Beautiful Names That Are Meaningful 

A rainbow forms after a storm; it is a symbol of hope in many cultures, a sign that there are better times to come.

A rainbow baby is not a replacement for the child who was lost, but they have answered prayers of many hopeful parents.

This is just one reason why parents of rainbow babies may look for a special name that embodies the long awaited joy that this child brings to their family.


Aisling means “a hopeful dream” it is believed to refer to an “aisling”, which was a poetic genre that developed in Irish poetry during the 17th and 18th centuries. This beautiful rainbow baby name has also made its way onto our list of Pisces name ideas.


This name of Hebrew and biblical origins means “blessing” or “happy”.


A beautiful five-letter name, Ciana is Italian for “light”.


A unique moniker that is a favorite Spanish cultural name, Esperanza means “hopeful”. We love the idea of using Espe for short.

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