Natural, Affordable, And Safe DIY Foaming Hand Soap

DIY foaming hand soap is a great, natural alternative to store-bought hand soaps that contain harsh chemicals. Plus, it’s easy to make, affordable, and eliminates waste when you use your foaming soap dispenser again and again.

Why Switch to DIY Foaming Hand Soap? You may be wondering what’s wrong with your store bought hand soap. If you’re using a conventional brand – there’s probably a lot wrong with it.

Harmful ingredients in store bought hand soaps The first reason that we use DIY foaming hand soap in our household is because many conventional foaming soaps contain harsh chemicals and endocrine disruptors.

Plastic pollution from personal care products Secondly, we switched to DIY foaming soap (in a glass foaming soap dispenser) is that the repeated buying and disposing of plastic soap bottles contribute to the environmental problem of single-use plastics.

Constantly replacing soap bottles is expensive

Plastic rant aside, there’s a third reason to use homemade foaming hand soap: to save money.

I used to buy a natural brand of foaming hand soap at Earth Fare was $4.99 a bottle. I didn’t like that it was plastic and that we went through it pretty fast, so it got expensive.

That’s when I realized how effective a foaming pump was and how little “soap” it took to make a good lather.