Nervous System Regulation Benefits for Parents and Kids

Our nervous systems have dealt with some heavy burdens over the last few years. And while parenting is often stressful, shutdowns and financial implications made it tough to shield our kids from the collective anxiety. The result for many families is a house full of dysregulated nervous systems.

Brain science expert and yoga and meditation teacher Lauren Betzing is here to share advice on how nervous system regulation benefits both parents and kids.

We have all experienced it. Out of nowhere, our child loses their cool over what seems to us to be a small thing. Perhaps it’s a meltdown while you are out grocery shopping, or an uncharacteristic, “Oh shoot, is that MY kid who just did that?” behavior at the playground.

As parents, we can be flooded with reactions ourselves, feel internal or external judgment, or we can even begin to panic wondering, “How do I make this stop right now?”

Why Nervous System Regulation Matters

By understanding the critical role of the nervous system in these situations, we can have a leg up as parents and work proactively to support ourselves and our kids as these inevitable moments arise.

We all want to feel safe

Based on the latest findings in neuroscience, we know that at the root of hitting, yelling, talking back, meltdowns, trouble falling asleep and more, indicate that the body is in a state of stress.

How to Regulate Your (and Your Child’s) Nervous System

One of the greatest opportunities we have as parents is to do the inner work to shift our inner state and nervous system health, model that to our children, and help them to know how to enter a state of relaxation after the inevitable ups and downs of life.