Guided Meditation Script to Boost Your Immune System

When our minds are stressed, so are our immune systems. Taking a moment to read your child a guided meditation script for health and overall wellness can help them find balance when they need it most.

Guided meditation is extremely beneficial for kids. Mellisa Dormoy of Shambala Kids has written these kid-friendly relaxation scripts for the past 10 years, and parents have shared the countless ways they’ve helped their children thrive.

These scripts teach kids the power of mindfulness. They also show – even little ones – how good it feels to breathe deeply and relax your body.

Guided Meditation Script for Health + Immunity Today we are going to do a fun visualization to help ourselves be super strong and healthy and stay that way. Get comfortable and close your eyes.

Take in a nice, deep breath through your nose. Fill up your belly like a big balloon, and then breathe out slowly. As you exhale, let all your thoughts or worries just float away with your breath.

Let them all go.

Let your eyes gently close and take in a big, full breath. Deep breathing is good for your whole body.