Guided Meditation Script for Health to Help Boost Your Immune System

When our minds are stressed, so are our immune systems. Taking a moment to read your child a guided meditation script for health and overall wellness can help them find balance when they need it most.

Guided meditation is extremely beneficial for kids. Mellisa Dormoy of Shambala Kids has written these kid-friendly relaxation scripts for the past 10 years, and parents have shared the countless ways they’ve helped their children thrive.

Recently a LMSW shared this story with us. “I needed to help a precious boy who had been suffering with a terrible weight, unable to focus on school, unable to sleep. He said he was starting to ‘feel crazy’. His distress was big and it was painful. We used the Peaceful Retreat meditation, and when he opened his eyes, he stretched, looked around, then looked me in the eye and said, ‘I feel so much better.’ His shoulders loosened and his facial muscles relaxed. I was at a loss not having anything with me. To be able to pull that up free of charge, right from the web… I feel like it saved him and his family from hospitalization.”

These scripts teach kids the power of mindfulness. They also show – even little ones – how good it feels to breathe deeply and relax your body.

Guided meditation for kids to boost health and immunity
This guided meditation script for health is copyrighted by ShambalaKids and may only be used for in-person or live virtual reading. It may not be recorded for audio /video.

Guided Meditation Script for Health + Immunity

Today we are going to do a fun visualization to help ourselves be super strong and healthy and stay that way. Get comfortable and close your eyes.

Take in a nice, deep breath through your nose. Fill up your belly like a big balloon, and then breathe out slowly. As you exhale, let all your thoughts or worries just float away with your breath.

Let them all go. 

Continue breathing slowly as you pay attention to your in-breath and out-breath. Let yourself become more and more relaxed with every breath.

Very good. 

Now, as you continue to relax and focus on my voice, we are going to use our imagination. Our minds are so incredible because we can imagine anything we want. So, we always want to use our imagination in a positive way.

Now we will do that by imagining our bodies very healthy and strong which helps to keep them that way. 

Inside our bodies, we have tiny white blood cells that are like strong little warriors protecting and defending us against anything that shouldn’t be there. They help keep us healthy and strong all day long.

You can be the leader of your own little warrior squad by always imagining them as strong, tough, mighty defenders of your body. You can even encourage them by visualizing them and knowing they are doing an excellent job, always protecting you. 

Imagine them now marching along swiftly, clearing out anything that doesn’t belong in your body. Maybe you can imagine them beaming healing light at anything that shouldn’t be there… and then those invaders totally evaporate!

The light in your body is so powerful, nothing bad or harmful can stay there. Only goodness can stay in the light. You and your whole defender squad are healthy and fierce protectors, so you stay strong and full of happy, vibrant energy.

Our thoughts matter. So, in life we remember to stay focused on the positive. We want to think good things about ourselves, speak kindly to ourselves, and always expect the best from any situation.

We stay healthy with good thoughts, good intentions, healthy eating, and exercising, too. Remember to do the things that are good for you, like eating fruits and vegetables and thinking happy thoughts.

A simple statement to use every day is “I am always healthy and strong.” 

Take in a nice, deep breath now and bring your attention back to the room. Open your eyes when you’re ready. You’ve done a great job!

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