Guided Meditation Script: The Sleepy Seahorse

In this kids’ guided meditation for sleep, you’ll guide your child on a relaxing journey into the ocean as a seahorse. Your little one may fall asleep before you finish reading the script.

Kids' Guided Meditation for Sleep

Guided meditation helps your child develop mindfulness and the ability to calm and relax their body and mind at will. Meditation is so beneficial for kids, and these scripts are a wonderful tool to help them develop a lifelong appreciation for the power of mindfulness.

How to Lead a Sleep Meditation Script

Try reading this guided relaxation for sleep to yourself to find the right pacing before reading it aloud to your child. Always follow your child’s cues. If any feelings come up during the meditation, encourage them to talk.

Since this meditation is for sleep, make sure your child is in bed. A comfortable room that’s conducive to healthy sleep is ideal. Then read the script in a calm voice, pausing to let the words and feelings sink in.

Many children – especially younger ones – fall asleep before this meditation is over. That’s great because it’s the goal. But if your child seems really alert by the middle, you might try slowing down or making your voice a little calmer.

Sleep Meditation Script

This guided meditation for sleep script is copyrighted by ShambalaKids and may only be used for in-person or live virtual reading. It may not be recorded for audio /video.

It’s that special time now to relax and get ready to experience wonderful adventures in our dreams.

So, get comfortable. Take in a nice deep breath and gently close your eyes. Now, exhale, and as you breathe out, let go of any worries or thoughts you’ve been holding in your mind.

Just blow them out, like blowing bubbles in water.

Very good. Now, inhale again and feel peace and relaxation enter your body and flow down from your nose and throat, down your chest, and all the way into your belly. Breathing nicely and fully into your belly to make it a big belly… and then, exhaling out slowly and deeply.

Now, imagine in your mind that you are a beautiful seahorse. Seahorses change color depending on their surroundings, so you can imagine yourself to be any color you choose. Surround yourself in that color, too.

You are one strong seahorse, with your curvy, muscular tail, beautiful bumpy skin, nice big belly, and a tube for a mouth. You’re surrounded by a big sparkling ocean with many shades of blue and green.

This is where you live your happy life with all of your friends. There are other colorful fish swimming nearby – a friendly starfish moving slowly across the ocean floor, a clownfish swimming back and forth with a big smile, shy clams who occasionally come out to say hello, the joyful jellyfish who always gets tangled in everything but is always happy.

You are surrounded by underwater friends here. It’s one big happy family.

As you settle down to rest for the night, waves of peace and calm wash over your entire body. The waves relax you, deeper and deeper. You easily wrap your tail around some soft green reeds, so you’ll stay safely right here while you rest tonight. You gently ride the ocean current that sways you back and forth.

And as you relax here, you feel yourself become sleepier and sleepier… drifting peacefully with the soft ocean current, but staying in one place because your tail holds you safely.

It feels so amazing floating here. You are immersed in rhythmic relaxation.

You know you’ll sleep well tonight because your heart feels happy and your body is completely calm. As you float on gentle waves of relaxation, your body feels heavy as you drift off into peaceful sleep.

Good night, little seahorse. Sweet dreams.

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  1. Dr.Shammi Rao says:

    Thanks a million. You are an inspiration I don’t feel silly when I do these small stories for my patients.

  2. We are here every night, but this is my little one’s favorite! Thank you for this site for helping me get my kids to go to sleep.

    1. Amity Hook-Sopko says:

      It’s one of my favorites too. Hope it sets them up for a lifetime of good sleep habits <3