Mindfulness Through Art Meditation

In this mindful art meditation, your child can practice creative expression through their imagination or guide them through a meditative art session.

art meditation script

So many of you wrote in to tell us how much your child loves the mindfulness cabin printable scene, we decided to create another activity-themed meditation. This one offers your child the chance to express themselves through art.

They can choose to use their imagination and visualize the creative process. Or you can lead this meditation while they make their own artistic creation. A few of our test moms reported back on how they practice it.

“My 6-year-old has been painting at her little art desk while I read the script. I’m amazed at how much more free she is with her creative process when she approaches it like a meditation. Before, she seemed more focused on… I won’t say perfection… but definitely a certain outcome. Now, she’s just really in a zone and letting creative shapes and color combinations come together.”

“Sitting with our boy and girl twins while they do this meditation is mesmerizing. As you might know, twins have a connection. Well, it really shows with art apparently! Their results don’t look the same but their movements mimic each other and they’re both so calm and present. We’ve done it during the day a few times. And once my son asked to read it before bed and then he told me all about what he created and said it was way different from what he knows how to paint or draw in real life.”

How to Lead An Art Meditation With Kids

You can read this to your child at bed time just like our other guided meditation scripts. Read through the script a few times so you’ll be familiar enough to let the words come out smoothly. Help your child get comfortable and then read it aloud in a slow, soothing voice.

Or you can lead an actual meditative art session. Have the art supplies ready and within your child’s reach. The goal is for them to be fully present as they create. Read the script beforehand, and prepare to make a few adjustments to it depending on the art supplies you have available.

The meditation mentions a variety of art supplies. You’ll only need to direct them to whatever supplies you have on hand at the time. And since this is all about creativity, feel free to get as creative as you want with this guided meditation. You’re free to take any liberties you like.

And as always, follow your child’s cues. Match your pace to theirs, but try to keep slow and steady. Now, here’s the script:

Mindful Expression Through Art Meditation

Get comfortable. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Slowly exhale and pay attention to the sound of your breath. Allow the breath to flow in naturally and slowly. Listen to the sound and the space in between each breath you take. 

Allow your body and mind to relax completely now as you continue to breathe normally. Feel all your muscles become loose and relaxed. Imagine that your entire body is so completely relaxed that you don’t even pay attention to it anymore.

We are all the artists of our own lives, creating with our thoughts and our feelings. We can also create art to express our feelings and emotions. 

So now, imagine your very own private art studio. It can be as big or as small as you want it.

The walls are your favorite color. And there’s a cozy chair where you love to sit and admire all the beautiful art you create.

Now, you notice palettes of colors and art supplies waiting especially for you. This is your special place where you come to relax in your mind and create beautiful things and express yourself however you like.

See yourself standing in front of your canvas. Close your eyes and connect with your heart. This is your source of inspiration.

You feel a sense of calm come over you as you connect into your heart space. This special time is yours. You can create whatever you want.

Maybe there’s a beautiful work of art inside you just waiting to come out.

Or maybe you need to put a bunch of colors wildly onto the canvas to release anger or sad feelings. Sometimes we need to feel through and clear out these emotions because they’re blocking our connection to our heart.

Making art is like a meditation. The way to create beautiful art is to focus on what you’re creating NOW.

Really FEEL how the paint brush glides across the canvas or how the clay sculpts in your hands.

Sometimes you get so absorbed in the creative process, everything around you fades away. For now, only the creation in front of you matters.

Isn’t it fun to get lost in a project?

The best part is – there are no mistakes here. And you have all the time you need. You can express different emotions… and then magically wave your brush to make the canvas brand new again and start over.

Anything you create in this art meditation is perfect. It’s perfect because it’s exactly what you need to express right now.

If you love what you make, you get to hang it on the wall. If it’s something you just needed to make right now, you don’t have to keep it. Just wave your brush and make it disappear. This is our magical meditation. But in real life, if you ever don’t like what you painted, you can always paint over the whole canvas!

Painting and creating art are excellent ways to express ourselves. We can take our time and get to know ourselves more through the art we create. It’s a wonderful way to connect with yourself and express emotions without saying a word.

When you’re ready to put down your paint brush, gently come out of the meditation. Take all the time you need. If you want to talk about your feelings or what you created, I’m so excited to hear about it!

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