Secret Garden Meditation Script for Kids

In this secret garden meditation, kids can imagine themselves in their own private sanctuary. This meditation can teach kids about the special place we all hold within us we can access when we need a break from outside stressors.

One of the many lessons in our guided meditation scripts for kids is that when we get still and centered, we can reach a place of total peace. Today’s kids are busier and more distracted than we were, so it’s important to offer them ways to overcome all the noise and distraction.

secret garden meditation for kids

This secret garden meditation is copyrighted by ShambalaKids and may only be used for in-person or live virtual reading. It may not be recorded for audio/video.

If you’ve read the book The Secret Garden with your child, they’ll know that by tending to the garden, the characters Mary and Colin healed their relationships with themselves and those around them. If your child hasn’t read it, this relaxation script might be a great motivation to do so.

Using the power of guided imagery, your child can visit this secret garden where they will feel completely safe, comfortable, and at peace. 

The more often you use these scripts, the more likely your child is to be able to revisit the peaceful place or fun adventure whenever they need it. Remind them that anytime they feel worry or anxiety – during a test, at a big performance, or even just before falling asleep – they can go to this special inner sanctuary. 

Read this calming narration to your child in a slow, even voice. Pay attention to your child’s cues as they catch on to the practice of visualization. Spend as long as you like on the breathing section if you feel like they need more time to settle down. 

Offer plenty of time during any section where they really seem to engage. These scripts often lead to better sleep due to the instant relaxation and stress relief. Many parents report that their child falls asleep before the meditation is over, and that’s perfectly fine.

Secret Garden Meditation Script

Get comfortable and gently close your eyes. Take a slow deep breath in through your nose and fill your tummy first and then your lungs. Now slowly exhale out any tension you feel anywhere in your body.

Again, breathing deeply and fully in through your nose and then exhaling out slowly through your mouth releasing any stress, tension, or busy thoughts from the day. Think to yourself: I am still. 

Imagine now, a warm blanket of love and comfort wrapping around your body as you continue to breathe deeply and focus on your breath. It feels so comfortable and peaceful wrapped here in love and acceptance.

As you relax even further, you notice a scene coming to you in your mind. You’re outside playing when you notice a stone wall covered in thick, green vines and beautiful flowers. When you look really closely, you see a small iron gate.

It’s almost like the gate appears only for you. No one else can see it. You feel completely safe and also confident and curious as you walk toward the gate. It’s perfectly okay for you to open the gate and satisfy your curiosity to see what’s inside.

As the gate slowly opens, you are treated to the most beautiful secret garden you’ve ever seen.

Everywhere you look, there are lush plants, trees, and flowers. It’s so welcoming and warm, with the sun shining gently and a pleasant breeze keeping you comfortable as you explore.

It’s the secret haven of your dreams. It’s like it was designed only for you.

You see a comfortable bench just waiting for you to sit down. As you do so, you begin to enjoy this beautiful scene even more. You hear birds calling back and forth to one another. You hear frogs croaking, which brings a smile to your face. And you know everything is happy here – the plants, the animals, and especially you. 

As you take in all the beauty of this private place and listen to the sounds of creation and calm around, you feel the energy of your heart start to expand out and dance with the colors all around you. There is joy here. You feel connected to everything. Your heart is happy and at peace.

This beautiful, peaceful garden is truly just for you. And it is here for you always. It is your very own creation, and you can imagine things here exactly as you love them to be.

You breathe in and feel the magic of this place. How full your heart feels… How grateful you are for everything in life.

Life is in your favor. You know you are very lucky because you get to create your own life with your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Just like you created this gorgeous little hideaway in your mind, you can create other beautiful things in your life.

And just as you gaze around at all of the dazzling parts of this garden, you always want to look for the good in others and in all situations.

Imagine now sharing this feeling of connection, joy, happiness, and peace with every person on the planet, and with every animal on the planet. Imagine the entire earth filled with peace, sharing, love, and caring for each other.

Remember how every flower, branch, or leaf in this serene garden is unique? Our differences are what make us captivating, too. The garden wouldn’t be so vital and rich if every plant looked the same or bloomed at the exact same time.

We are all connected. Imagine that thread of unity between every person on the planet. Imagine it glowing with love and gratitude and joy. Feel the connection in your heart of every person, every animal, and our beloved Mother Earth.

Stay here in your garden for as long as you like. And when you’re ready to leave, you can simply step back through the gate and close it behind you.

You can come back whenever you want or need to visit again. You just use the power of your brilliant mind to create this special place that is just for you. It is always here waiting for you.

When you’re ready, take in a deep breath and open your eyes. Take as long as you need to stretch and move around. You’ve done a terrific job!

Wrapping Up + More Meditations

Now is a great time to discuss what your child felt during this meditation.

Ask them to describe the space they imagined. Think about ways you can create a little outdoor haven for your child. Maybe you can make a fort together or a space with a mud kitchen. Anything that allows your child their own place in nature where they can be creative or reflective is ideal.

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