Heart Centered Meditation for Kids: Happy Heart

Helping your child cultivate happiness, love, and gratitude is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Not only does it set them up for a more content life, it can physically be healthier for your child’s heart!

In this guided relaxation and heart centered meditation script, we’ll replace worries and sadness with a gentle light centered in our hearts. It can also be a fun Valentine’s Day guided meditation for kids!

Happy Heart Guided Relaxation Script
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The human heart has an energy field that reaches up to three feet away from the physical body. Psychologists at The Heartmath Institute say it’s possible to train the heart via positive emotions so the brain releases chemicals that support physical healing, overall wellbeing, and a sense of peace.

You may wish to read this heart opening guided meditation script to yourself to find the rhythm prior to reading it aloud to your child. Once you’re ready and your child is relaxed, simply read it in a calm voice, pausing to let the words and feelings sink in.

Guided Heart Meditation Script

Take a nice deep breath and close your eyes. We are going on a magical journey inside!

Did you know you are so amazing you can go anywhere you want – simply by using your imagination? That’s how extraordinarily talented you are.

Today let’s take a journey into our own hearts – a very special, beautiful place.

There are times when we might feel sad or down, and that’s ok. Anytime we feel sad, we can check in with our heart. We can choose to surround ourselves with a beautiful glowing light to bring ourselves comfort during worrisome times.

First, you might see this as sunlight – warm, calming, soothing to your body and mind. It might be yellow and misty. Breathe it in deeply and allow it to relax and comfort you. Notice how it gives you a sense of peace.

Feel that warm glowing light now surrounding your body.

Watch now as the light changes to soft blue, like the color of the sky on a clear, dreamy day. The soft blue calms you and brings you even more peace now. You might begin to feel as if you are drifting on a cloud.

Gently and ever so softly, the light now changes into a pinkish color. Just watch what it does.

Breathe in deeply now as you allow the light pink color to gently flow into your body and flow directly to your heart. Feel the gentle light nudge any hurts away. It helps you let go of sadness and worry as you exhale.

Pay attention to the fact that as you exhale any hurt feelings, pain, or sadness, your heart begins to feel a lighter, a little freer. The soft, gentle light fills up the space in your heart, and shines out any sadness or pain. See the soft, glowing light filling up all that space in your heart….gently, easily, and lovingly.

Breathe this peacefulness deeply into every part of you, and notice the calm and stillness take over.

Life just feels better. Your heart feels better. This feeling will stay with you throughout the day. Remember that you can always call on this golden light to help you at any time.

Imagine your heart now beating with happiness, jumping with joy and excitement at how many wonderful people and beautiful things surround you.

Life is so good, and you feel peaceful. Take a moment just to feel gratitude for all the love and caring that surrounds you. It’s so amazing.

Feeling calm and peaceful now, turn your attention back to the room and your day, knowing that peace is yours.

Take in another deep breath now and exhale fully.

When you are ready give yourself a big stretch and open your eyes if you feel like it. Or relax the rest of your way into peaceful sleep.

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