Guided Chakra Meditation for Beginners and Kids: Inner Rainbow

In this guided chakra meditation for beginners, your child will learn about and relax the body’s energy centers using mindfulness and simple meditation techniques.

Guided imagery helps your child develop mindfulness and the ability to calm and relax their body and mind at will. Meditation is extremely beneficial for kids, and these scripts are worthwhile tools to help them develop a lifelong appreciation for the power of mindfulness.

Guided Chakra Meditation for Beginners: Inner Rainbow
This guided chakra meditation script is copyrighted by ShambalaKids and may only be used for in-person or live virtual reading. It may not be recorded for audio /video.

Reading a Chakra Meditation Script

If your child needs more background on the chakras, you can explain it this way:

Inside of each of us is a spiraling, colorful energy center. These centers represent a different area in our lives with a unique color. When these centers are out of balance or clogged up, we don’t feel so great. But when they are balanced – bright and flowing freely – we feel amazing, happy, and healthy. 

In this meditation, we are going to learn about the different energy centers (or chakras) and how to keep them clear and flowing brightly and beautifully.

Make sure your child is comfortable and cozy. Try reading this script to yourself to find the right pacing before reading it aloud to your child. Be sure to pause for as long as your child needs in each chakra.

Guided Chakra Meditation

Gently close your eyes, and take in a nice, deep breath. Feel the cool air enter your nose and flow all the way down to your belly. Exhale slowly. Imagine breathing in peace and calm, and exhaling out tension and stress. And again, paying close attention to your in-breath and your out-breath. Very good. Now you can just breathe comfortably and naturally.  

With your eyes closed, let’s imagine the swirling energy centers in our body now, one by one as I lead you. 

At the base of your spine is the first energy center. It is red in color. This center spins brightly when you feel safe and secure and when we release our fears. So, breathe in a soft red mist now, and breathe out any fears. Say aloud or to yourself, “I am safe. I am secure.” Imagine this center spinning a warm, comforting red and flowing freely. 

Your second energy center is orange and located right below your belly button. It spins brightly when you feel happy, friendly, and creative. It also likes when you release guilt and blame. So, breathe in soft orange and let it fill your entire body. Focus right below your belly button and imagine the swirly bright orange color spinning around and around. Breathe in happiness, playfulness, and creativity. It feels so good. 

Now we have the beautiful yellow energy center right above your tummy. This yellow energy shines brightly with strength, confidence, bravery, and motivation. Breathe all those things in on a warm yellow ray of sunshine. Let go of disappointments and focus on the warm yellow feeling. 

In our heart area now, we have the green energy center of love. Release any sadness in your heart, and inhale the healing green mist, which carries love, kindness, forgiveness, and gratitude. These are the things that brighten up our heart center. Feel it shining so bright now as your heart area fills with all these wonderful things. 

Next, we have our beautiful blue energy center that rests in the throat area. It flows when we speak truth, when we are courageous, and when we speak up for ourselves and others. So, imagine breathing deeply in a beautiful blue brave mist. It travels to your throat area and grows bigger and bigger as you say to yourself, “I can express myself and say what I think and feel easily.”

In the middle of your forehead is the indigo colored energy center of mindfulness and intuition. Imagine breathing in the indigo colored-mist and watch as it creates a whirlwind of swirling color all around you now. This energy center shines brightly when we connect with and acknowledge our inner knowing, and when we see beyond appearances.   

Finally, your crown energy center, like a beautiful violet flower opening up at the top of your head, shines its radiant energy. We let go of attachments to free this energy to be its best. We let imagination, and the magic of knowing we are part of the whole cosmos lead the way.

All of these centers are part of who we are even if we cannot see them with our eyes. You’ve done a great job today, and remember to keep your centers clear with your rainbow breathing and focusing on the good things that each one represents.

Wrapping Up + More Meditations

If your child is still awake, now is a great time to calmly answer any questions that came up. They may be in a very relaxed or suggestive state, so choose your words carefully. Help them get familiar with the feeling of a nice flow of energy throughout the body.

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  1. Love these medications for my clients of all ages! They are great!

  2. Mellisa Dormoy says:

    We agree wholeheartedly! I am so glad you love our medittaions.

  3. I love the use of color in this meditation. I that a focus on color is heavily underutilized in guided sessions like this one, and that’s a shame because it’s such an important part of getting your mind going to really immerse yourself in the whole thing. With children in particular, it’s probably even more important because their imaginations are so much easier to stir up.