Oak Meadow Preschool: Homeschooling centered around nature and play

Education should be about encouraging curiosity and fostering a lifelong love of learning. Three- and four-year old kids are certainly curious! If you’re considering homeschooling, we’re excited to introduce Oak Meadow preschool resources.

Oak Meadow Preschool resources

Long time Green Child readers know that some of our team members have used Oak Meadow curriculum for the past seven years.

We’re consistently impressed with the quality and scope of the materials. Most of their resources are in print (although you can choose digital) and give the feeling of a slower pace. They’re age and grade appropriate, and our team has had no issues with things like middle school transitions, taking classes from our state’s virtual school program, or testing as they get older.

In fact, all of our kids have performed above their grade level in many subjects.

New Oak Meadow Preschool Package

The intro to their new preschool curriculum (see a sample here) says it all. “The early years of a child’s life are a time of wonder, curiosity, experimentation, exploration, and play. In fact, play is how children learn best in the early years.

That’s why this preschool course is not actually school – it is play. There are no formal lessons in reading, writing, or math, but rest assured your child will still be learning a great deal about these topics and developing important skills. Play is a child’s work.”

Through play, children develop spatial and bodily awareness, enrich their vocabulary, and expand their worldview. Also, children learn how the world works, develop relationship and communication skills, and explore their own interests and natural talents through play. In doing so, they build a foundation for future academic and personal success.

We love that the new Oak Meadow preschool course lets you and your child move at your own pace. We also love that many of the lessons center around nature themes. And they also include topics like kindness, community, and inclusion. What worthwhile values to instill in your child from an early age!

Each month is anchored by a story, followed by a variety of activities. And the stories that anchor each month will express the seasonal theme:

Autumn: Working Together
Winter: Caring for One Another
Spring: Diversity Makes Us Stronger
Summer: Community
Anytime: Kindness

The anchor stories can be read each day for a week or several times a week for a month. You can simply read or tell the stories without discussing the theme, or you can use the stories as a springboard for conversations about the theme.

The Key Elements of a Preschool Program

Parents always ask us how they can raise their child to want to protect the planet. Our answer is always the same: kids have to get outside and fall in love with nature first so they know why it’s worth protecting. The same theory applies to raising educated, critical thinking-inclined kids. Their interests and curiosities have to be nurtured from early on.

preschool homeschool

With this in mind, the Oak Meadow preschool program encompasses:

Imaginative Play

Through imaginative play, young children build vital skills, including language, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. New vocabulary words are practiced as stories are reenacted and a connection is made between spoken and written language. Plus, role-playing inspires an understanding of others’ feelings, provides an opportunity for cooperative play, and allows children to practice sharing responsibilities.


Imitation is a big part of imaginative play as children mimic the work and interactions of parents, siblings, and other influential role models. When joining a parent in their purposeful work, a child can feel valued and appreciated without being watched as if they are in the spotlight or need to perform. Working together, a harmonious flow is established between the adult and child, resulting in a deeper bond.

Verses and Movement

Language skills can be enhanced by incorporating movement and verses. Finger plays are simple hand gestures that portray the action in a song or verse and are especially appealing to young children.


Children delight in a song that captures the task of the moment. Work songs and festive songs provide a way for children to learn about daily activities and seasonal events.


It is through stories that we explore what it means to be human and live in the world. Through stories, children learn to empathize, consider alternate perspectives, explore a wide range of emotions, communicate opinions and feelings, resolve conflicts, and solve problems in creative ways.


Young children enjoy and benefit from hearing stories, songs, and verses repeated. This gives them a sense of comfort and familiarity. And it is only after multiple repetitions that young children are able to become active participants. The same applies to games, activities, crafts, cooking projects, and much of what you do in your home.

We’d love to hear about your little one’s favorite learning activities. And if you have a child nearing the preschool age, you’re in luck! During Oak Meadow’s May Sale, you can get their new preschool program for just $120.80. And don’t forget – you can check out an overview of the program here.

The counselors at Oak Meadow are extremely helpful and knowledgable. If you’re on the fence about homeschooling or confused about curriculum, give them a call. They’re patient and never make you feel like your questions are silly. (Believe us – we’ve asked a lot of them!)

You’re also welcome to contact us or leave questions on the comments. We’re always happy to talk about homeschooling!

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