Amity Hook-Sopko is the Executive Editor and Publisher of Green Child. After being a contributor to Green Child’s digital magazine, she took over the editor role in Spring of 2012.

Her work has appeared in New York Magazine, Washington Post, Parents, Motherly, US Magazine, Earth 911, MSN, Yahoo News, Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, She Knows, American Kennel Club, Bob Vila, and Lifehacker.

Amity Hook-Sopko editor of Green Child Magazine

Amity spent the first 8 years of her career in corporate sales and marketing for a Fortune 500 company. In sales, she traveled and worked with retail brands like Target and JCPenney. She later served as the Director of Marketing for an apparel company.

She enjoyed two years as a Stay-at-Home-Mom before she began freelance writing for sustainable businesses. She also ran a blog dedicated to green gift giving.

Here’s what she shares about her treasured role at Green Child Magazine:

Pulling together that first issue was a dream come true. I had more ideas than our little team could possibly fit into one issue. But there we were – long days and late nights after our kids went to bed, embracing the challenges and wondering if we were going to mess it up. Not to mention the privilege of (and a huge dose of nerves that came along with) interviewing celebrities like Jessica Alba and Mayim Bialik.

In the 12 years since then, I’ve been honored to work with hundreds of natural parenting experts, leaders in green living, holistic wellness specialists, and amazing parents who are trying their best to raise healthy, compassionate kids in a complicated world.

While my own children are much taller than me now, I still remember the joys and challenges of every stage of mothering. My passion for issues like listening to mothers, breastfeeding, babywearing, and helping our kids avoid toxins are as strong as ever.


Amity has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Political Science from Western Kentucky University.

She has been interviewed or written guest features for New York Magazine, Washington Post, US Magazine, Earth 911, MSN, Yahoo News, Parents, Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, She Knows, Motherly, American Kennel Club, Lifehacker, and Bob Vila.

Between college and her role at Green Child, she spent 10 years in corporate sales and marketing for a Fortune 500 company. She later served as the Director of Marketing for an apparel company.

Before that, she paid her way through college via a summer job at an aluminum factory. Spending her summers in a sweaty factory on swing shift and wearing steel toed boots while her friends went to pool parties built a strong work ethic she carries to this day!


My free time generally involves my husband and our two sons. We love spending time outside – me in my garden or with the family at the beach or on our paddleboards. Our family enjoys sports, especially baseball. The kids and I love movies, and my younger son is also involved in theater and improv. Last year’s theater highlights were seeing Hadestown and Beetlejuice on Broadway.

You’ll often find me either reading a book or listening to an audiobook. Some people’s most-used app is a social media one. Mine is Libby – the public library’s free app. If you need a new friend on goodreads, come find me. I’m always looking for great book recommendations!

If you have a question or a topic you’d like us to cover, please contact me. Or if you’d just like to keep up with what’s going on in the Green Child world and hear from me regularly, get our weekly email.

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Again, I’m so glad you’re here. I hope you find what you need to help you along your natural parenting journey, but if you need any help – just ask!

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