A Names That Are Cool, Classic, and Totally Unique

Take a look at our list of A names and choose from cool, classic or unique monikers that start with the letter A.

a names for baby

Choosing the perfect name for your baby-to-be is such a fun part of the parenthood journey. You may want the name to be fitting of their personality, your hopes and dreams for the them, or serve as a reminder of a person or place you love.

Whatever the reasoning behind it, we’re sure your child’s name will be meaningful and beautiful. And what better place to start for name inspiration than at the top of the alphabet?

Cool Names That Start With the Letter A


Cool as can be, the name Ace means “one” or “unity” and is of Latin origin. It is also a commonly used nickname.


A notably cool name thanks to the songstress powerhouse we all know and love, Adele comes from Old German and means”noble kind”.


A Hebrew name that means “attractive”, “handsome” and”pleasure given”, Aden is a simply cool name perfect for a little boy or girl.


Alessia is a beautiful name or Italian origin that means “defender”. Alessia Cara, another talented singer of our time, helps to make this moniker as cool as it is pretty and meaningful.


Archie means “genuine”, “bold” or “brave” – and is a shortened form of Archibald. The name is so cool that the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry decided to use it for their little one born in 2019.


While your mind may initially think of the beloved mermaid princess, Ariel is also a name of a biblical place and is said to mean “lion of God” in Hebrew.


Another cool A name with Hebrew origins, the name Axel means “Father is peace.”


A shortened form of the Latin Augustus which means “great”, the modern twist of Austin manages to make a cool name even cooler.


A bit mystical, the name Avery means “ruler of elves” and is of French and English origins.


What’s cooler than a tropical-inspired name? Azores is an autonomous region of Portugal, and makes for a beautiful baby name that starts with the letter A.

Classic Names That Begin With an A


This classic name means “cause of joy” and has Hebrew origins.


According to the Bible, Adam means “the ground” or “earth” and could be considered as classic a name as they come.


Adrian comes from Latin origin and can mean “sea” or “water”. It is popular among many different cultures and for that reason, also resides on our list of cross cultural names.


Meaning defender or protector, Alex is a gender neutral name, that ties way back to the infamous ruler, Alexander the Great.


Meaning “immortal” or “divine”, Ambrose is a classic name that’s not overused.


A favorite Victorian name, the name Amelia is of Latin origin. and means “industrious” or “work.”


With various meanings including “bear”, “Thor” and “the eagle”, you may also think of King Arthur, who formed the Round Table in sixth-century England.


The name originally referred to a meadow where ash trees were found before it was used a surname and then first name.


A variant of the Greek name Andreas, Andrew means “strong”.


Ava is of Latin origin, and while short and sweet, it’s packed with various meanings including “life”, “bird”, “water” and “island”. If you like the simplicity of the name, take a look at more three-letter names.

Unique A Names for Baby Boys and Girls


Perhaps unique and classic at the same time, Adelaide is of German origin and means “noble kind” like the previously mentioned, ‘Adele’. Adelaide is also the fifth largest city in Australia, Named in honor of Queen Adelaide, the wife of King William IV.


Perfect for the baby with a powerful sense of self, Akira is a name that you don’t hear every day. It means “bright”, “clear” and “ideal” and is of Japanese origin.


Alya is of Arabic origin and means “sky” and “heavenly”, which could make it a great fit for an air sign, Gemini baby.


Ames is of French origin and means“friend.” And it is another name that you don’t come across too often.


Similar to Ames above, Amity is also of French origin and means “harmony” and “friendship”. It’s also a favorite on our list of hippie baby names.


This gender-neutral name is of English and German origins, and means “home strength” or “home-ruler.” 


Of Scandinavian origin, Anders means “brave” and is a lesser-used version of ‘Andrew’.


Literally meaning “a ram” in Latin, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and makes for a fitting name choice for an Aries baby.


Less common than the classic ‘Ashley’, Ashlynn, another gender neutral name choice, is of Irish and Gaelic origin and means “dream”.


Related to the Latin ‘Augustus’, August means “to increase” and can also make for a sweet name idea for a baby born during the summer month.

Did you give your child an amazing A name? We’d love to hear it in the comments! And if you’re working on your baby registry, be sure to check out our nontoxic baby gear guides.

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