Simply Perfect 3-Letter Baby Names for Girls and Boys

There’s something so sweet about a baby name that is simple and short. Not to mention that your future child will be spelling a 3-letter baby name in no time.

3 letter baby names for boys and girls

And if you’re into taking a mindful approach to naming your baby, it is believed that the number three is the number of the divine. So, if you’re leaning toward a name that’s on the shorter side, take a look at a some baby name inspo below!

3 Letter Boy Names

While we don’t get too caught up in gender specific names, we’ve found that many of our readers search by boy or girl. So no matter who you’re expecting, you might find the perfect fit among these three letter boy names.


This name means unity. It can also denote an expert and makes a fun nickname.


Whether you are a hard rock fan or simply want a short name with a ton of edge, the name Axl comes from Scandinavian origin and means “father of peace”.


This name can stand on its own, without having to be a nickname of Benjamin. The name has a few origins including Biblical, Hebrew, English and Latin; and can mean son, right hand son or blessed.


This cool name for boys could make for a nice choice for girls too, more so now than ever. Dax means leader and comes from French ties.


Meaning ascended, uplifted or high, the name Eli is traditionally of Hebrew Origin.


Ian is the Scottish form of John and can make for a great first or middle 3-letter name choice.


Kai can make for a great unisex baby name. While it has a few different meanings, when connected to its Hawaiian ties, Kai translates to “of the water”.


Or spelled Lea, this 3-letter baby name’s Old English’s meaning connotes delicate; weary; meadow or pasture.


Often short for Leonard or Leonardo, this darling simple baby name comes from Greek/Latin roots and means lion.


Derived from Maximilian, this name means “greatest.” Both Max and Maximilian originated from the Roman family name Maximus.


Neo means new. The futuristic qualities of this name probably explains its use in The Matrix. It’s a fun and smart name for boys or girls.


Coming from Japanese origin, and the meanings of Rei can translate to law, rule or strive. Or you could go with the spelling, Rey, if you are a fan of the newer Star Wars flicks.


Sky means Atmosphere Seen From Earth and is of Scandinavian origin. As a name, Sky could also be a derivation of the name Schuyler, which means scholar.

3 Letter Girl Names

Again, don’t limit yourself to one category of names. This section focuses on three letter girl names, but there are plenty that can serve as unisex names or nicknames for popular baby names.


This perfectly pretty traditional girl’s name may be short, but holds many meanings, from Latin origin, the name Ava can mean life, bird, water and island.


Meaning “living” when associated to its English roots, the Hebrew origin of this 3-letter baby name, Eva, stands for “to breathe”. We think this can make a great mindful name choice, embodying the ideals to breathe and live in the moment.


You don’t have to be a Beyonce fan to fall in love with this 3-letter baby name. Ivy means, evergreen climbing plant. Like this naming nod to nature? Check out more botanical baby names ideas.


Looking for a name that just feels happy? Joy is a sweet name for a little one filled who will fill your life with happiness.


Or spelled Mae can stand for the goddess of springtime and warmth. This could make for a sweet name choice for a May or springtime baby.


The Italian word ‘mia’ and the Spanish word ‘mía’, both mean “mine”. So if you are excited to have a little mini running around, this could be the perfect name choice.


Whether you are a fan of the actress or simply love the idea of an unconventional 3-letter baby name, Uma means “the nation,” and is a popular name choice for girls born on Israeli Independence Day.


Another great gender neutral name option, the Latin meaning of the name Val is valiant. And can also mean strong and healthy.


Zoe can make for a great 3-letter baby name choice that doubles as boho baby name option.

Still Trying to Land on a Name?

It’s a complicated process, so don’t rush it. The right name will come to you. And it can help to look through more lists to let a few of them percolate in the back of your mind for a while. Here’s more baby name inspiration:

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