Ethereal Baby Names

Choosing an ethereal name for your baby can reflect a feeling of beauty and otherworldliness. If you’re looking for names that are whimsical, magical, and fairy-like, consider these ethereal baby names for your sweet little one.

ethereal baby names

Naming your baby is an important process. It’s a decision you make with love… and usually a healthy dose of self-doubt. But sometimes you have an idea already in mind. Maybe it’s vague like a feeling, or maybe it’s specific like a cultural name you want to pass down.

This list is for parents-to-be who really want to embrace the divine, other-worldly-ness of babies.

“Ethereal” Defined for Baby Names

The word ethereal means delicate and light. So delicate that it is too perfect for this world.

Ethereal names are reminiscent of another world. They are magical, fairy-like, beautiful, and whimsical. Babies are full of light, beauty, and whimsy, so you may feel drawn to choose an ethereal name for your newborn. 

An ethereal baby name can make a beautiful connection for your child to learn about their name and what it means to you. Many of these names have a strong story or meaning that are good reasons to choose them for your baby, depending on what feeling you get about your baby’s personality.

As your baby grows up, they will know that you named them with thought and love.

Ethereal Names for Babies

When we name our babies, we do it with care and love. And very often the meaning of the name matters to us and our families personally. 

Many of these names may sound feminine, and some more masculine. However, so many names can be gender-neutral, and you should pick which name speaks to you! When it comes to names that are mystical and whimsical, you’ll know which one is right for your baby.

#1: Aisling

Meaning dream or vision, Aisling is a perfect name to give your little one if you had to dream of their existence for an extended amount of time.

Aisling also makes a lovely rainbow baby name. Other variants of this beautiful and dreamy name include Ashling, Aislin, Aislinn, Aislene, and Ashlyn.

#2: Albus

Of Latin origin, Albus means white or bright. If your baby has a bright spirit this is a great name! The wizard Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter has made this name more known in recent years.

#3: Archer

Latin and English origin, Archer is a constellation. I love any name that has to do with stars, so if you love astrological names or space, this name might speak to you.

#4: Atlas

Greek origin, meaning “to carry” is based on the mythological Atlas who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. It’s also a strong Virgo baby name. Name your strong stoic baby Atlas for a beautiful way to capture their presence as you saw it when they were born.

#5: Alistair

Of Scottish origin, Alistair means defender of the people. This name evokes a feeling that is strong and kind and is usually attributed to males, although could work for either. I love the idea of keeping in mind strength and kindness as you raise your babe up in this world.

#6: Amethyst

Amethyst is a name of Greek origin that holds physical meaning for the purple quartz gemstone. It used to be believed that an amethyst stone would prevent one from being drunk, so it can also mean “sober one” or “not intoxicated”.

#7: Anjum

Quite simply, this unusual name means stars. If the night sky, stars, or astrology holds special meaning for you, Anjum is a whimsical ethereal name to go with.

#8: Arden

The name Arden is of English origin meaning great forest, the valley of the eagle; high”. In Shakespeare’s As You Like It, The Forest of Arden symbolizes freedom and transformation, making it a really lovely natural and magical name to choose.

#9: Arwen

Arwen is a name of Welsh origin meaning fine, muse, and fair.

You might recognize the name Arwen from The Lord of the Rings, where Arwen Undómie (also called Arwen Evenstar) is a half-elven half-human beauty who is over 2,700 years old.

If you’ve got a wise old-souled beauty on your hands, Arwen is a lovely name!

#10: Asteria

Asteria was the Titan goddess of falling stars and astrology. Her daughter Hekate was the goddess of witchcraft. There are not enough star names in daily life, in my opinion!

Empower your little goddess with a name from the stars.

#11: Astraea

Astraea is a Greek name that means “star-maiden” or “starry night.” Again, if inspired by the bright light of stars, this is one of the most unique ethereal girl names.

#12: Aurora

Aurora is a girl’s name of Latin origin. Meaning “dawn,” and calling upon images of the otherworldly aurora borealis, this ambient name could be the perfect title for the new life emerging in your family.

If you love nature-inspired baby names like Aurora, there are many more to choose from!

#13: Bodhi

Bodhi is of Sanskrit origin, and means “awakening” or “enlightenment”. This is such a peaceful and serene ethereal name to give your little loved one. It’s also one of my favorite boho baby girl names.

#14: Briar

With British origins, Briar means “thorny bush of wild roses” or “brambles.” The duality of the beauty of roses that also have thorns to protect them is a complex, natural, and beautiful name for any child.

#15: Calliope

Calliope means “beautiful-voiced.” In Greek mythology, Calliope presided over poetry and song, which is like naming your baby a magical and light wish you have for their possibility and path!

#16: Cyrus

Cyrus is of Persian origin and means “sun”. According to astrology, the sun is the most important planet in one’s chart. It is thought to symbolize one’s will and sense of vitality.

#17: Elora

Meaning “sun ray,” Elora is a name with Greek origins. There isn’t a lighter or brighter name than one that literally means ray of the sun!

For a magical spin, you might recognize the name Elora Danan, the daughter of the Sun and Moon from Willow.

#18: Elowen

This beautiful name means “elm tree,” which has a very grounded and mystical feeling to it.

#19: Eowyn

Eowyn is of English origin and it means “Horse Of Joy.” This beautiful name is light and strong, just like the character the name was created for by JRR Tolkien in the novels The Lord of the Rings.

Find more LOTR inspired names and Rings of Power baby names here!

#20: Estella

This French name is a beautiful and bright way to capture the meaning “star.” With all of the variations of names that mean star, it would be fun to use some together for siblings or multiples.

#21: Fauna

The name Fauna has several meanings. One is a young deer. Another is a Roman goddess of the woodlands, which I love. Like a woodland fairy sprite, Fauna is here to bring magic to your child’s life as they connect with the forest!

#22: Faye

I have always heard Faye to mean fairy, which is a super whimsical name for anyone. I’ve read that it also means “belief” and “loyalty,” which could both tie back to the fairy realm as well.  

#23: Galadriel

Galadriel means “maiden crowned with a garland of bright radiance,” and if you know the Lord of the Rings story, you know she is the epitome of light, wisdom, and brightness.

The beautiful name Galadriel is truly otherworldly, as it was invented by JRR Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings novels.

#24: Jasper

Persian in origin, the name Jasper means “bringer of treasure,” and has been around a long time. It brings to mind a spritely young one identifying the treasures in life, and sharing them with us. Whether it’s natural treasures, their own personal gifts, or gold, this name shines!

#25: Juno

The name Juno means “queen of the heavens.” Of Latin origin, Juno is what the Romans knew Hera as in mythology, the goddess of women, marriage, and childbirth.

#26: Lavender

An English name, Lavender means “purple flower” and is exactly that. The lavender flower is known for it’s aromatic mood balancing effects, and is a lovely edible and medicinal plant.

Lavender would be a lovely and serene name for your baby. Flower names are always reminiscent of fairy’s too, I recommend you read this Flowers Fairies poem book, it’s a favorite and will inspire you and your sweet baby as they grow!

#27: Luca

Most popular in Latin America, the name Luca is from Latin origin, and simply means “light.” This ethereal name is a beautiful way to honor the light your baby brings to your life.

#27: Luna

Luna means “moon.” The moon is a light in the dark, and is a lovely feminine representation of women, controls the tides, and is generally a soothing planet to see in the sky no matter what your life brings. Beautiful, reliable, and real yet mystical. Luna also makes our list of Cancer baby names.

#28: Lyra

Lyra is a small constellation, and the name has Greek and Latin origin. The name Lyra is associated with harmony and music, as well as the night sky.

You might recognize this whimsical name from The Golden Compass book by Phillip Pullman, giving a real otherworldly feel to Lyra for many of us.

#29: Marin

Marin means “of the sea,” and is also a well known county in California. It has French and Slavic origins, and gives a mystical mermaid ethereal name feel for your baby.

#30: Mila

Depending on the language, Mila means industrious, hardworking, gracious, and dear one. However you look at it, these are all wonderful qualities to put grace and beauty into your baby’s name.

#31: Nissa

A Scandinavian name, Nissa means “friendly elf,” or “fairy.” This sweet name is a simple way to have a magical name for your child that truly sounds like an elf or fairy name.

#32: Parisa

Parisa is such a pretty Persian name, and it means “fairy-like.” If your little one has a light spritely feel to their personality, this is a perfect name for them!

#33: Phoebe

In Greek, Phoebe means “bright” and is a strong name with a true ethereal meaning.

#34: Pixie

Just as what comes to mind when we hear the name Pixie, it means fairy or a mythical flying creature. This Irish name has a lightness to it and will definitely be known as fairy-like by the general population.

#35: Poppy

With Latin and Old English origin, the name Poppy has meaning exactly like it’s flower with bright colors and a delicate look to it’s petals. Poppy is also a sweet botanical baby name.

Some poppies are edible and medicinal, and have use to reduce anxiety. So the name Poppy can be a real representation of peace for your family if you choose this name.

#36: Rishi

Rishi is a Sanskrit name that means “sage.” I’ve read that in Hindu lore, Rishis are seers.

Aside from that mystical meaning, a different spelling would be Reishi like the mushroom which is known for it’s adaptogenic properties which literally help your body adapt to stress.

Either spelling and meaning of this name has a magical and light feel to it, both beautiful and peaceful in sound, lore, and in reality.

#37: River

River is a name of English origin, and unsurprisingly means “natural flowing path of water.” When thinking about water, the sound of a river, and the flow of water in nature, it brings a feeling of peace and calm for most of us. River is gorgeous Scorpio baby name, too!

#38: Rose

Rose is a Roman name that means flower. While usually a feminine name, the spiritual meaning of rose is that it is heart opening and soothing. What a beautiful name to give your child especially when you consider how open your heart is to your baby, and you want to grace them with an open heart in this life as well.

#39: Rowan

The name Rowan has Old Irish origin, and means “red-haired.” However, in Gaelic mythology a Rowan tree is magical and known to have a protective nature.

#40: Rowena

An Old German name, Rowena means “fame and happiness,” as well as “white spear.”

With an old fashioned and magical feel, Rowena Ravenclaw was also the name of the founder of Ravenclaw house in the Harry Potter books.

#41: Sage

The name Sage means “wise one or prophet,” or it can have a more literal meaning of the herb plant sage. If you’ve got an old soul on your hands, or a peaceful soul, Sage would be a beautiful name to reflect that.

#42: Shayla

In Hindi and Gaelic, Shayla means “fairy palace.” Perfect for the otherworldly feeling, this name comes straight from the home of enchantment itself!

#43: Shaylee

Shaylee is an Irish and Gaelic name that means “little fairy from over the hill” or “fairy princess of the field.” Light and whimsical, Shaylee is a beautiful Irish sounding name.

#44: Trixy

A Latin name, Trixy means “voyager through life.” I love the feeling of freedom and light this name evokes!

#46: Zora

Zora means “light or dawn” and has Slavic, Arabic, and African origins. Any name that has a meaning of light or dawn will have a beautiful ethereal feel, and Zora is a lovely depiction of just that.

Our babies are full of whimsey and light, and what better way to honor their inner beauty than with an ethereal name!

Ethereal Name Combos

Fit some of these ethereal names together for a super serene and lovely name combination for your baby. Try these combinations:

  1. Mila Rose
  2. Arden Pixie
  3. Luna Marin
  4. Rowan Sage
  5. Zora Faye

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