Nature-Inspired Baby Names from Around the World

Nature baby names from around the world! Find the perfect earthy baby name that’s both fresh and classic.

Choosing a baby name with the right meaning, sounds, and connection to your family can be a huge undertaking. That’s where nature steps in.

nature baby names

Names inspired by nature have meaning that never goes out of style. On top of that, a nature baby name gives baby something in the world to feel connected with all their life.

Nature Baby Names

The world is full of beautiful cultures with beautiful names. And they’ve been inspired to name children after nature since the beginning of baby names! 

Here is our compilation of nature-inspired baby names from around the world.  

The alder tree has a long history with humans. It was used to soothe skin wounds and to make dyes, and its flexible and durable wood was used in building. Alder wood was also famous for its use as a shield.

The alder tree is abundant in Celtic Mythology and was reputed to help humans lost in the Otherworld find their way back home. Its association with strength, protection, and safety made it a revered tree that still garners respect today.

In Ireland, legend says that the first man was made from the alder tree while the first woman was made from the rowan tree. Parents that love trees and mythology are going to be crossing their fingers for twins so they can have their very own Alder and Rowan.    

Aster is the ancient Greek word for “star.” The modern word is “asteri” which is another charming baby name that works for any gender. 

Parents looking for a feminine starry name for baby girl can consider Astra, Astraea, Estrella, and Steorra. Masculine celestial names for a baby boy are Sidereus, Steren, Vesper, and Zeke. 

Before this name became famous in Sleeping Beauty, it was known as the Latin word for “dawn.” In Roman Mythology, Aurora was the goddess of the dawn. She was the first to rise in the morning to ride her chariot in the sky to blazon the coming sun.

Parents expecting multiples or wanting multiple children will appreciate knowing that Aurora was the sister of Luna, the goddess of the moon, and Sol, the god of the sun. Nature-inspired baby names are always better in threes, right?  

In Sanskrit, avanī is one of many words for “earth.” It was also a name for an ancient medicinal flowering plant that supports health and longevity. In Tibetan Buddhism, avanī is the name for the earth element.   

A beautiful flowery shrub that grows in dry, sandy soil. It’s a wonderful name that speaks to beauty, resilience, and strength. Other variations are Azalia (of Greek and Hebrew origins) and Azaliah (from the bible). It’s a lovely nature girl name and botanical baby name.

The Icelandic and Swedish word for “bear.” It means “bear” in a number of European countries, but just has a slightly different spelling. In Norse Mythology, Thor and Odin would visit the human world disguised as bears so they would go unnoticed by humans.

Bears are powerful symbols of strength, independence, protection, and fearlessness, making Björn a beautiful gift for baby boys to stand in their strength. It’s also a great baby name that starts with B.

Canyon is a gender-neutral name of Spanish origin that is both unique and evocative. This name is inspired by the natural beauty of the canyons, which are often seen as symbols of ruggedness and majesty.

The name Canyon, from the Steve Canyon comic-strip heroism, is associated with a sense of adventure and exploration.

For parents who prefer a name that is similar to Canyon but less word-like, the name Kenyon is a great alternative. This name also has roots in nature, as it is derived from the Gaelic word for “born of fire.” Like Canyon, Kenyon is a unique and intriguing name that is sure to make a lasting impression.

In many cultures, cedar trees are seen as sacred and are associated with wisdom and protection. Cedar as a baby name has a timeless quality.

Cliff is a strong and timeless name that has its roots in Old English. While it is often used as a shortened version of names like Clifton or Clifford, Cliff has become a popular name for its simplicity and ruggedness.

The name Cliff is derived from “cliff-side slope,” evoking images of the rugged terrain that is often found in nature. It is a name that is associated with strength, stability, and balance, reflecting the qualities of the earth itself. The name may also be associated with a sense of adventure and exploration, as cliffs are often seen as a symbol of the wild and untamed beauty of nature.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the days of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, this might be the vintage name for your new little one. In Latin, the name Ginger means from the ginger flower. The ginger root is certainly one of the most helpful natural health remedies around.

As an English baby name, Ginger means pure or chaste. It’s also a nickname for those with red hair. Ginger makes a great nature baby name due to all of its ties to the earth.

The tree which bears the fruit of hazelnut. Hazelnuts are known for being nutritious, but the symbolism of the hazel tree makes it even more auspicious. In Celtic Mythology it was revered as a source of wisdom. There is a legend of a Well of Wisdom that was surrounded by hazel trees which dropped their fruit into the pool to be eaten by the Salmon of Wisdom. 

It is said that a man named Fionn Mac Cumhail made a quest to this well at his teacher’s request and was told to catch a fish and cook it, but not eat it. While cooking the salmon, the fish’s hot juices landed on his finger and burned it. He put his finger in his mouth and its wisdom was imparted upon him. Hazel is a legendary baby name.  

This is the Latin name for ivy (another pretty name for baby girls). It means “to grasp,” thus explaining its pairing with ivy. As a plant name that sounds like it comes from Greek Mythology, it’s a name of power for a baby girl with a big future ahead of her. Green thumb or not!

A lovely throwback nature girl name, and one we’re glad to see back in use, In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and the messenger of the Olympian gods. he was known for her swift flight and her ability to move between the world of mortals and the world of the gods. Your little Iris might be independent, creative, and a good communicator.

This name for the jasmine flower has Persian and French origins. Jasmine is famous for its  lovely scent. There are many varieties of jasmine that are either shrubs or climbing vines. It has great potential as a first name or as a middle name. 

This popular name is a nature-inspired baby name in a number of cultures. As a Welsh name, it means “keeper of the keys.” In Hawaiian and Japanese, it serves as the word for the ocean and the sea. It’s a popular name for good reason!

In Sanskrit, kairavī is the word for “moonlight.” It’s also a name for the medicinal plant Fenugreek. Other Sanskrit names that spin off Kairavī are Kairavin (the moon), Kairaviṇī, (the white lotus), and Kairava (the white lotus flower blooming in the moonlight). Both the lotus and the moon have powerful symbolism, especially with the feminine, which makes them lovely names of meaning for baby girls. 

The bay leaves famous flavoring soups and stews come from the laurel tree of the Mediterranean. The Latin name for the laurel tree is Laurus nobilis, and Laurus certainly makes a noble tree name for baby boys. Both Laurel and Laurus are sure to be a hit with parents that love plants, cooking, or the Mediterranean (or all three). 

The name of the moon in Spanish, Italian, as well as Latin. In Roman Mythology, Luna was the goddess of the moon. Luna is considered a feminine name, and understandably so given its connection with women. The moon has cycles and it’s constantly moving through its phases (just like a woman’s cycle). 

The moon’s relationship with water (which is representative of emotions) causes a constant ebb and flow. She illuminates the light of the sun and provides light in the darkness. The moon is metaphorical of women in many celestial ways. It’s an ancient astrological name that parents have surely been giving to their baby girls since the beginnings of humanity.

A Hawaiian baby name for a fragrant breeze. It’s a nature-inspired baby name that works for boys as well as girls. It’s also a wonderful name to honor cross cultural family members. It also makes our list of tropical baby names.

Moana is a Polynesian girl’s name for the ocean, and it rolls off the tongue as smoothly as it swims through the ears. Both Moani and Moana and gorgeous names for babies destined for the beaches of the world.

The Maori word for the palm tree of New Zealand. As the only palm native to the island it has played an important part in the cultural history of New Zealand’s indigenous people. The fronds, young shoots, berries, and trunk were used to create many things that supported the everyday life of the people. Nikau’s connection with the islands, the indigenous Maori people, and the sea is why this tops our list of meaningful boys’ names.    
The wood of the oak tree is strong and durable and can last centuries before finally breaking down (thus, it’s popularity with building and making furniture). The oak is a tall tree with long, strong limbs as well as roots and it lives for centuries. 

It’s a symbol of strength, protection, wisdom, and even nobility as seen by the wearing of oak leaves by Roman generals after victory in battle. Oak may be the shortest of the tree names, but it’s a name of strength and wisdom fit for any baby boy.  

Chances are that any reader is already familiar with the ocean, but its significance as a name isn’t so well known. The ocean is one of the strongest forces of nature. It consists of the majority of planet Earth, and is its own aquatic world within our world which is mostly unknown and undiscovered. 

If that isn’t mysterious enough, the ocean was around long before humans started swimming in it. The ocean plays a pivotal role on our planet and all who live on it. You don’t get much more of a nature-inspired baby name than that! And as a gender-neutral baby name, it’s a beautiful choice for baby. 

In Greek Mythology, Zeus held a contest between Poseidon and Goddess Athena to decide who would be the patron of a Greek city. Poseidon showed his power by striking the ground with his trident to create a spring. Rather than use force, Athena offered the people the olive tree. 

The people accepted Athena’s gift, making her the patrol goddess of Athens. Mythology and history have made the olive tree a symbol of peace, strength, purification, and resilience. The olive tree can grow in poor soil with little water, it provides food and wood, and it has medicinal uses.

It’s a meaningful tree name that works for both baby girls and baby boys. Parents of baby boys get an added bonus with the name Oliver which, in Old Norse, means “ancestors descendants.” 

Pavati is the Hopi word for “clear water.” Water is vital to all life on earth, and the significance of “clear water” is increasing as we are seeing the importance of respecting our planet so all may live in health and harmony. “Clear water” is a beautiful promise to the planet of what the new generation has to give the generations to come.

Adorable and bright, this flower blooms in late spring and early summer. It’s a light and lovely name that also appears on our botanical names list. For Wizard of Oz fans, Poppy could be a special name.

Another throwback name, Pearl is of Latin origin meaning the beautiful treasure found in mollusks. In The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne names her daughter Pearl because she is ‘her mother’s only treasure.’

Variations on this earthy name are Perla and Perle. We think it makes a beautifully classic nature girl name.

The name Rain is a nature-inspired and unisex baby name of English origin. It gives energy of the natural phenomenon of precipitation, which is essential for life and growth. 

Rain has a soothing and calming sound, and is often associated with renewal, growth, and cleansing, as rain is often seen as a symbol of these things. Rainn is an alternative spelling and best represented by American actor, Rainn Wilson.

The name for a tree that’s known as mountain ash. It’s also called “The Lady of the Mountain” as she thrives at altitudes in the Scotland mountains where no other trees grow. In Celtic Mythology, it was a sacred tree that was part of many myths. In fact, the rowan tree was what women were created from. This strong tree with its many mystical connections is as beautiful a name as it is beautiful in its history. 

Savannah is a name inspired by the vast grassy plains that are characteristic of the American South. The name has a natural and earthy quality that makes it a popular choice for parents seeking a nature-inspired name for their child.

The name Savannah is derived from the Taino word zabana, which means “open plain.” The vast expanses of the savannah are home to a diverse range of plant and animal life. Savannah also makes our list of unique Bohemian names.

This small bird from the finch family is precious, although the most well-known sparrow is Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sparrows are known for their cheerful singing and delightful chirping. They thrive living among humans, and they are fierce protectors of their home. The symbolism of sparrows is equally inspiring for boys as for girls, making it an excellent choice for all genders   

According to Aama Bombo, one of the elders of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, Tamang comes from the words “ta,” meaning “horse”, and “mang,” meaning “rider.” It’s the name taken by the Tibetan tribe who fled to Besi from Nepal riding horses. Its connection with horses and the ancient people of Tibet makes it a name with great history and significance. 
A Latin name meaning “earth,” Terra is a lovely name that pays homage to the nature of our planet that makes all life possible. Another spelling variation is Terah which is a Hebrew name for “wanderer.” Terah was originally a male name, so this gives parents name options for both genders. Terre, the French word for “earth,” is another earthy option for boys. 

The willow tree may have the greatest popularity among tree names, but what it has to teach us with its symbolism is not such common knowledge. The willow tree is flexible and yet strong. When its branches are broken it’s able to grow again. 

It is resilient and it bends and grows with whatever life brings. Its ability to bend was noted and it was very popular for making natural tools like baskets. The willow was also turned to for its medicinal uses with relieving pain, soothe rashes, and more. It’s a nature baby name with powerful symbolism that would be a beautiful name for a baby girl or a baby boy.   

A wren is a petite songbird with a huge voice. They’re bouncy, energetic little birds with a lovely song. Like the sparrow, they thrive living around humans. And, just like sparrow, Wren is a gender-neutral name that would be a powerful name for parents wishing their little one to have a strong and beautiful voice for all of their life.  

Wolves are known for being fierce and ruthless hunters, but there’s a whole other side to a wolf that makes it a name worthy of baby boy. Wolves are loyal and their existence revolves around family. Teamwork is pivotal, and everyone is involved in caring for the pack. 

They have highly developed senses they use in everyday life. Wolves are also very courageous and will face peril to preserve their pack. Other names for “wolf” are Tikaani (Inuit) Waya and Wahaya (Cherokee), Úlfur (Icelandic),  Ulf/Ulv (from the Old Norse word for wolf), and Ze’ev/Zev (Hebrew).

Bet you can guess what this name means! Volkan is Turkish for “volcano.” The name also has Latin roots and it goes back to Roman Mythology. Vulcanus, aka Vulcan, was the god of fire in all of its forms; volcanos included. 

It’s a fiery name that could be the perfect way to pay homage to baby’s born under the fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Put a femme spin on it by making it Volkana and you got a name for a girl that’s destined to light up the world. 

Zephyr is a name for a wind blowing from the West. The name comes from the Ancient Greek name Zephyrus. One of four wind gods, Zephyrus was the god of the West wind. 

Parents planning on having three more children will appreciate knowing the names of those other wind deities; Eurus, Notus, and Boreaus. Parents will also enjoy hearing that Zephyra is the name of a species of flower from South America, which is yet another nature name! 

More Amazing Nature Baby Names to Consider

Amber – like the amber gemstone
Ash – from the ash tree
Birk – from the birch tree
Clay – clay worker or mortal
Drake – Middle English for dragon
Eden – meaning place of delight
Flint – solid like rock
Ford – river crossing
Heather – a beautiful purple flower that grows in moorland. Find more botanical baby names.
Jade – the ornamental green stone which invites prosperity
Lennox – a gender neutral name of Scottish and Gaelic origins, meaning elm grove
Spruce – from the spruce tree

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