B Names That Are Bold, Classic, and Different

Do you have your heart set on a name thats starts with the letter B, but don’t know where to go from there? So much can go into your baby-to-be’s name choice that even the first letter of the name matters!

b names for baby

Perhaps you want a clan of Cs or want to start your brood off with an A and work down the alphabet from there. If you have a B letter in mind, lucky for you we rounded up some beautiful B names that are memorable, meaningful and could just possibly be the perfect fit.

Cool Names That Start With the Letter B


Meaning “mighty as a bear,” Barett is of Old English origin. A common surname, Barett makes for a unique first name .


Used as a term of endearment, Beau means beautiful and has also been featured on our list of rustic names. Beau is of French origin and while it has more commonly been used for boys, it is considered a gender neutral name.


Also of French origin Bebe means “baby” and makes for sweet name for any child, especially a youngest sibling.


Meaning “meadow with coarse grass,” Bentley is a gender-neutral name of British origin. Whether you have expensive taste in cars of simply like the regal sound of the name, Bentley is a beautiful B name for a boy or girl.


Another B name with a meaning of “strong and brave bear”, Bernie is a gender neutral name of German origin.


Billie can mean “determination and strength” and is considered an English name. You can combine the name with another like, Billie Jean, or let it stand on its own.


Literally meaning the color “blue”. Blu is a new spelling of the color turned name and can be used as a gender neutral moniker.


Braxton is derived from the Middle Ages word for “badger”, it makes for an unusual and cool name that starts with the letter B.


Whether you hail from the New York City borough or want to take inspiration from the nature-inspired name, Brooke, Brooklyn is an endearing name choice for both boys and girls.


Another popular surname turned first name, Bryson is of English origin meaning “son of Brice” and can be a nice twist on the more classic Bryan.

Classic B Names


Beatrice is beautiful name of French and Italian origins. This classic B name means “she who makes happy”.


Bella is a lovely cross cultural baby name that is related to the Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and Latin origins. It simply and aptly means “beautiful”.


Benjamin is a B name for boys that comes from the Old Testament of the Bible, and in Hebrew means “son of the right hand.”


A classic gender neutral name, Blake is a of Old English origin. Blake was the name of one of the 14 Tribes of Galway in Ireland.


The B name Bobbie comes from the Greek Barbaros meaning “traveler from a foreign land”.


A great name for football fans or for parents who want a classic name with a twist, Brady is a common surname derived from the Irish surname Ó Brádaigh or Mac Brádaigh, meaning “spirited; broad”.


Brandon is an Irish name which means “prince” or “chieftain.”


Brianna is also of Irish origin and means “high,” “noble,” and “exalted.”


Brittany comes from the French word “Bretagne” meaning ‘from Briton’ to indicate the Britons from Cornwall and Devon who originally settled there.


A combination of the names Brook and Anne, Brook means “to live near a stream or running water” and Anne means “favor” or “grace”.

Unique B Names for Boys and Girls


A sweet name for any gender, Bailey is of Old English origin and means “agent of the law”.


In Italian the meaning of the name Bambi is “little child”. It is also the name of a beloved character from the Disney classic, Bambi.


Unique and strong-sounding, Barclay is of Scottish origin and and means “woodland clearing”.


A nice twist on the classic Benjamin, Benjey is a Hebrew name meaning “son of my right hand” or “favorite son”.


Typically used as a nickname for Alberto, Roberto, Umberto and other monikers, we think Berto has a nice ring to it all on its own.


A name with ties to a few origins, Basil in Greek can mean “king”, “emperor” or “tzar”. It can be reminiscent of the Italian region Basilicata, or simply linked to the favorite herb, Basil.


Considered an English name with an unknown meaning, we love the mystery behind the name–and of course the fact that it starts with the letter B.


Featured on our list of boho names, Brea means “beauty beyond sight”.


A unique spin on Brooke, Brooks means “water” or “small stream” and is of German and English origins.


The surname Burk is derived from an Old English word for a fortification. Burk is a sweet and simple four-letter B name.

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