31 Cross Cultural Baby Names for Girls and Boys

There is something truly beautiful about a name that has meanings from various cultures from all over the world. These multicultural names can represent so much more than multiple denotations, they can be a symbol of inclusiveness and universality.

multicultural baby names

Cross cultural baby names can represent your family heritage. Naming your child with this in mind can be a sweet way to honor your union and new family unit.

Multicultural Names for Baby

Here you’ll find diverse names to choose from that are sure to fit your new little one.

Aya: This short and sweet three letter baby name comes from Japanese and Hebrew origins. Aya can mean either “colorful” or “bird”.

Adrian: This universal name is simple enough to pronounce in multiple languages. It comes from Latin origin and can mean “sea” or “water”.

Dara: Dara can make for a nice gender neutral name choice meaning “star” in Khmer, Thai and Lao. In Hebrew, Dara means compassion or pearl of wisdom. In Punjabi, Dara means “leader”. And Dara’s Persian meaning can translate to “rich”or “well off”.

Emilia : A name of Spanish, Italian and Hungarian origin, Emilia is a super sweet name with a meaning that rivals most, because, well it directly means “rival”.

Eugene: A popular name in Greek, French and English cultures, Eugene means “well-born” or “noble.” From the Greek to the French and across the seas to England, Eugene is certainly a well-traveled title. The boy’s name means “well-born” or “noble,” making it a prestigious appellation for your new addition.

Gabriel: Gabriel has ties to Christian, Jewish and Muslim texts and has the meaning of “God is my strength”.

Gianna: This name of Italian and Hebrew origins means “God is gracious.” It’s also a Latin feminization of the name John.

Hugo: Hugo is of German, Spanish and Portuguese origin and means “mind” or “intellect” making it the perfect cross cultural baby name choice for your little thinker.

Idris: Idris means “to study” in Arabic and was the name of a Koranic prophet. As a Welsh name, Idris means “lord”.

Isabella: Of Spanish and Italian origins, Isabella means “God is my oath”. The nicknames Isa and Bella are both super cute.

Jasmine: A Persian name meaning “gift from god” Jasmine is also a beautiful botanical baby name and has ties to Spanish cultures when spelled, Jazmin.

Kai: Kai is another name that has many origins and meanings. It’s been featured on our list of Tropical Island Baby Names, for its Hawaiian ties. In some Europe countries, Kai is is thought to have Frisian origin and means “warrior.” Kai is also used throughout African, Chinese, Maori, Turkish and Native American cultures. Not to mention that it is also another gender neutral name choice!

Kalina: Meaning “love and affection” Kalina is of Bulgarian origin but has also been tied to other Slavic languages, including Polish.

Lina: Of Greek, Persian and Kurdish origins. In Greek, Lina means “sunlight”, and similarly in Persian, it means “light”, “a ray of sunlight” or “beautiful girl”. In Kurdish, it means “cascade falls”.

Luca: Most popular in Latin America, the name Luca is also widely used in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Georgia. It is from Latin origin and means “light”.

Malik: Malik means “king” in Arabic. There’s also a translation in Greenland, where it means “wave”.

Marco: Marco is a name of Spanish and Italian origin and a great cross cultural name choice for your little explorer.

Mia: Meaning “mine” in Italian and Spanish, or “bitter” in Scandinavian origin, Mia is generally a nickname for Maria. But on its own, Mia has been among the most popular names for several years.

Mona: This pretty four-letter name packs a lot of meaning in its few letters. In Arabic, Mona means “wishes” and “desires”. In Irish Gaelic it can mean “little noble one”. Mona is also sometimes associated with the Greek word monos which means “moon”. Mona is also a Scandinavian short form of Monica

Naomi: For a name that is simple enough for various languages and different accents to pronounce, this pretty name for girls means “pleasantness” in Hebrew and “honest and beautiful” in Japanese.

Nicolas: While popular with both Spanish or French speaking cultures, Nicolas is actually of Greek origin and means “victory of the people.” It also has Russian ties, when spelled Nickolas.

Nora: A beautiful name that has French and Arabic ties, Nora comes from the name Eleanora, which means “light.” Fun fact, there are several towns in Australia, Sweden, and the United States named Nora, which makes it a sweet name that’s inspired by a place.

Oscar: Of English and Irish origins and means “God spear,” “deer-lover,” or “champion warrior.”

Page: Used as a status name for a young servant, the name Page has English, Scottish, and French origins.

Poppy: Meaning “red flower”, Poppy is of Latin and Old English origins and makes for a sweet name choice for a little girl.

Roberto: The name Roberto means “bright fame” and is popular among Italian, Spanish and Portuguese cultures.

Samir: Arabic for “companion in evening talk”, Samir is one of the most beautiful cultural names. In Sanskrit, Samir means “air”. Samira is the feminine version in both cultures.

Shreya: Shreya is a name with ties to the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. It means “good fortune, beauty and excellence”.

Talia: We know several Talias, and they are each lovely! It’s an Indigenous Australian name that means “by the water”. In Hebrew it means “dew from God.” Talia can also be a nickname for the Russian name Natalia.

Victoria: Victoria is the Latin word for “victory”. In Roman mythology, Victoria was the name of the goddess of victory. The name also has english ties thanks to Queen Victoria. Check out more Victorian Baby Names inspo here!

Yara: Yara is considered to be a gender-neutral name of Arabic and Brazilian origin, meaning “small butterfly” or “water lady.”

Cross Cultural Baby Name Combos

You may want to choose only first and middle names that align with your family’s heritage ethnicity. But if you’re open to celebrating or commemorating a mixture of cultures, here are some meaningful combinations.

Gabriel Hugo: A perfect name combo for the angelic, little thoughtful babe.

Dara Emilia: A nice combination of strong and sweet, this name is fitting of a baby with a strong personality.

Adrian Nicolas: A great name for a leader and sea lover alike.

Naomi Aya: What a sweet, serene and oh so pleasant a cross cultural name combo it is.

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