LOTR Rings of Power Baby Names

Middle-earth’s Second Age offers no shortage of unique names. These Rings of Power baby names are magical and memorable.

The magical Middle-Earth saga continues with The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. And it’s great news for expecting parents, because a whole new world of baby names is on the rise! 

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J.R.R. Tolkien’s book The Hobbit and subsequent series The Lord of the Rings offer thousands of years of Middle-Earth’s fascinating back story.

The new Rings of Power story is set in Middle-Earth’s second age. The TV series was approved by the Tolkien Estate and does an amazingly detailed job of bringing back the myths, and folklore, and history. Since the Rings of Power is just getting started, who knows how much will be taken from the books and put onto the screen!

Rings of Power Baby Names

This curated list of names comes from the Rings of Power time frame. Whether these characters make it on the show, or they remain in Tolkien’s works – they’re amazing names that could be the name for your own baby boy or baby girl! 


In the Quenya language of the Lord of the Rings world, aratar translates to “the high ones,” “the exalted,” and “the supreme.” It’s the plural form of “arata” which translates to “high,” “lofty,” and “noble.” The Valarin form of aratar is Máhan/Máhani. Aratar would make a great middle name for a baby boy or a baby girl. Mahan and Máhani both have a ring to them that would make a beautiful and unique first name.    


The Quenya name for the planet that’s home to all our favorite Lord of the Rings characters. It’s short, which makes it a great middle name paired with a longer first name. On the other hand, it could make a short and lovely first name.  


The mother name of Eärendil, the half-elven hero of Middle Earth, meaning “jewel of the world.” It could work as a baby name for any gender. It’s also appealing because it has a number of nickname possibilities like “Ardy,” “Arda,” or “Mírë.”    


The half-elven son of Beren, a mortal man, and Lúthien, an elf maiden who abandoned her immortality for her beloved. Dior was the father of Elwing, Eluréd, and Elurín. Not only does Dior have connections with half-elves with really cool names, but Dior is a fab name on its own. It’s gender-neutral and can work as a first name or a middle name for little boys and little girls. 


The eldest of the Fathers of the Dwarves. According to legend, he was created by a Vala (a kind of god) without permission by the creator of all. However, the creator appreciated their creation and gave them life, but on the condition that they sleep until the arrival of the Elves. Thus, he was sent to Mount Gundabad in the Misty Mountains until it was his time to awaken. Once he woke, he built the city of the Longbeards. The story of the dwarf Durin makes a mysterious and magical name. It’s also an Old Norse name found in the ancient poem Völuspá of Norse mythology which speaks of the creation of dwarves. It speaks of Durinn and says that he was one of the mightiest of the dwarves.   

The Quenya word for “universe.” It’s the world that was created by the great music of the Ainur and then brought into being by Eur. Eä is also Quenya for “to be,” and it’s the word spoken by Eur that brought the universe into physical manifestation. It may be a short name, but it packs a punch with meaning!


The celebrated hero of Middle Earth, half-man and half-elf, who sailed to the forbidden Valindor and fought against Morgoth. When Manwë granted the gift of choosing to be man or elf to Eärendil and his family, Eärendil forsake his preference of being one with man to be elf as his wife desired. With this history that Eärendil has as being a valiant and honorable leader, it’s the perfect way to give your baby boy a high vibe name.  


This Rings of Power character doesn’t come from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but the name was created in true Tolkien-fashion. The name comes from the Quenya word eär, meaning “sea,’ and ien, meaning daughter. “Daughter of the sea” is an excellent baby girl name for parents who love to spend their days by the peace and on the sea.. 


Elbereth Gilthoniel is an aratar who is wife to Manwë and queen of the Valar. She was queen of the stars. The elves held her especially sacred because of their relationship with her starry creations. In Quenya, her name was Varda Elentári. Both of those names have a wonderful and unique sound to them which would be a perfect name for little girls.


A Dúnedain king of the Men of Númenór. Elendil was also the first High King of the Realms in Exile. He was a warrior-king who fought against Sauron with his sword Narsil. His sword, which was broken when he was slain by Sauron, was picked up by his son Isildur and used to cut off the One Ring from Sauron’s hand thereby killing him (a death which only lasted for a thousand years). It’s a name of great courage in the LOTR saga that could be a great name for a baby boy.  


The island which was given to the Númenór. The name, meaning “starwards,” refers to the journey of the first people who found it by following the Star of Eärendil. In Tolkien’s work, it comes from the Quenya word “elen” meaning “to a star.”


The brother of Elrond and uncle to Arwen. Like Arwen, Elros chose mortality in order to be united with his beloved.  This choice led to him becoming the first King of Númenor. Elros’ history as king and a loving husband makes it a meaningful name for a newborn boy. 


Wife of Eärendil and mother of Elrond and Elros. She was half-elven and was given the ability to choose between being human or being an elf. She chose to be an elf because of her grandmother, Lúthien, who had chosen mortality to be with her husband. Elwing’s long elven lineage makes it a wonderful name that’s like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. 


A Quenya name meaning “He that is alone.” Eru was the common name of Eru Ilúvatar, the creator and father of all. The meaning of Eru sets it up as a short but powerful first name, however, it would also be a wonderful middle name paired with a longer first name.   


The queen of Doriath who had a voice so beautiful, she taught the nightingales how to sing. She was a woman of great power who protected her land with “the girdle of Melian.” She was a friend and mentor to Galadriel. It’s a pretty name that is tied to beauty, power, and nobility. Perfect for a baby girl!


Manwë Súlimo is one of the High Ones of Arda. He was king of the Valar and husband of Varda. The connection with being king and being an exalted one sets up Manwë as a powerful and meaningful baby boy name. 


Tar-Míriel is daughter of the king of Numenor and heir to the throne. Míriel is a Quenya name said to translate to “jewel-daughter.” It’s already a perfect name for a jewel of a baby girl. 


An aratar and a queen of the Valar who was known as The Weeper. Along with Yavanna’s song, the tears of Nienna helped to create the two trees of Valinor. Its feminine sound and goddess history makes it a lovely choice for baby girls. 


Oromë Aldaron was one of the High Ones of Arda known as the Huntsman of the Valar and the Great Rider. He was also known for his anger. He is known as a brave hunter who rides on his horse Nahar in hunt of evil creatures. Oromë stands to be a fabulous name of courage and strength for a baby boy. 


The elf king of the Woodland Realm who, along with King Gil-galad and King Amdir, comprised the United Army of Elves in their fight against the dark lord Sauron. This elvish name doubles as a cute name for little boys, but is also a masculine name.


Before Gandalf was the mighty wizard in the Fellowship of the Ring, he was known as Olórin in the land of Valinor. Olórin may be tricky for some people (ie grandparents and future teachers) to say, but it would work well as a middle name that isn’t used as often. Of course, with a nickname like “Rin” or “Olo,” it’s now a first name that’s easy to catch onto. 


One of the elvish languages that was also spoken by the great Valar. It’s a great girl name or gender-neutral name. You could also go for a masculine name by dropping the “ya” for “quen.”  


The white tree, the eldest of the two trees of Valinor, was created by Yavanna’s song and Nienna’s tears. It’s a name with earthy history that also sounds like a name of high rank and authority. It could be a great pick for a boy!


Divine, formless and immortal spirits who were the first beings created by Eru Ilúvatar (the creator). Many saw the Valar as gods but their purpose in Eä was to serve as guides. Valar makes a powerful name for a boy. Add an “ia” to make it “Valaria,” and you have a special name for a baby girl  with goddess origins. 


The land that was home to the Valar and, later, the elves. It would be a strong name for a baby boy that works as a first name or a middle name. Having “Val” as a nickname makes it appealing too. 


The ship of Eärendil, father of Elrond, was blessed by the Valar and sailed the skies. The ship enabled Eärendil to slay the great dragon Ancalagon the Black. It has a very unique sound and spelling to it. That combined with its Middle-Earth history makes it a very special Rings of Power baby name.  


An aratar and one of the High Ones of Arda; the greatest of the Valar. She was wife to Aulë and Queen of Earth. Yavanna was responsible for all that grew within Arda, and it was her song that sparked the creation of the two trees.

It’s amazing to discover the incredible tales that each and every Lord of the Rings character has. They’re all so unique too! Who would have thought that Tolkien’s LOTR trilogy could be as exciting for show viewers as it is for future parents?!

Did we miss any of your favorite Rings of Power baby names? If so, tell us in the comments. And be sure to check out our list of baby names inspired by The Lord of the Rings series.

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