Virgo Names for Your Thoughtful and Loving Earth Sign Baby On the Way

Are you expecting your baby to be born between the dates of August 23rd and September 22nd? If so, it looks like you will be a parent to a gentle Virgo soul. An earth sign, like Taurus and Capricorn, Virgos are thought to be logical and practical.

A Virgo child will strive for perfection and won’t shy away from the hard work and practice that it will take to help them reach their goals. Ruled by Mercury, which is the messenger planet of communication, Virgos can be very good at getting their point across.

virgo names for babies

And like Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces, Virgo is a mutable sign, meaning it completes a seasonal cycle and helps us to transition to the next one. It also means they have the empathy and flexibility to understand situations from all different angles. This mutable earth sign is one that genuinely wants to help and support the ones they love.

These Virgo names embody the best traits of the sixth sign of the zodiac. Take a look for a little Virgo name inspiration straight from the stars:

Virgo Names for Girls and Boys


A sweet Virgo name for girls that means “gentle” or “delicate”. Adina is of Hebrew origin and is a five-letter baby name that says just enough in just a few letters.


Akilah, or Aki for short, is a name of Arabic origin and means “logical” and “intelligent”—two well known attributes of the mutable earth sign.


Amelia means “hardworking” and is of Latin origin. Amelia makes for a fitting name choice, as Virgos are known for their work ethic and dedication to success.


A Greek mythological name meaning “enduring,” Atlas is also representative of the book of world maps—which can tie the name back to the earth sign in one way, while also embodying the enduring and hardworking nature of the sign.


Another Virgo name taking a cue from the sign’s earthy ties. The name Brandon comes from Old English words for “gorse-bush” and “hill”.


A traditional boy name, Clem is of English origin and means “one who is gentle”. The name could also be short for Clementine, which makes for a sweet name idea for Virgo girls.


Demeter is the Goddess of Agriculture in Greek Mythology. Virgo’s constellation is symbolized by the goddess of wheat and agriculture.


A moniker of French and Dutch origin, Hugo means “mind” and “intellect” which can reflect upon Virgo’s innate thoughtfulness and logical way of processing things.


Irving is of Scottish origin and means “green river” and “sea friend”. We like the Virgo representation through the earthiness of this name’s meaning.


Another earthy name that is also tied to the logical and practical sign through its meaning, Sage is a name of Latin origin and means “wise”.


The Virgo sign embodies many admirable attributes of a good friend. Virgos are supportive and gentle. They are dedicated and apt at the art of communication. The name Raya is Hebrew for the word, “friend”.


Roscoe is of Old Norse origin and means “a roebuck forest”, making is dignified and unique Virgo name idea and nice alternative to the more popular name Forest.

Virgo First and Middle Name Combinations

  • Adina Sage: Gentle and wise, this Virgo name combination is sweet and fitting.
  • Roscoe Irving: This name combo has an old school ring to it that we just love.
  • Brandon Atlas: A cool name for a cool Virgo baby boy.
  • Raya Amelia: This name embodies two of the sign’s best attributes, their friendliness and hardworking nature.

Virgo falls after Leo and before Libra. If your due date falls on the early side of Virgo, take a look at our Leo name ideas. And if your baby is due at the tail end of Virgo, take a look at our Libra name ideas.

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