Pisces Names for Little One Born Under the Water Sign

If your due date is between February 18th and March 20th, it looks like you’ll be a parent to a Pisces baby! Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, this water sign is the last constellation of the Zodiac. Pisces are known to be smart, creative, deeply intuitive and sensitive in nature.

You’ll surely never tire of loving your little fish from birth to adulthood, as Pisces are caring individuals who love to dream big dreams. If you’re looking to lean in to the Zodiac for a little name inspiration, check out these ideas for names for Pisces babies.

Pisces Names

Dreamy Pisces Names for Your Water Baby


Aisling means “dream or vision” and Pisces’s are known for their split of attention between fantasy and reality, contributing to their day dreamer-like approach to life.


Pisces are water signs through and through. Along with Cancers and Scorpios, Pisces are known for being sensitive and sentimental. Callan is a Scandinavian name for “flowing water”.


Delta Piscium is one of the stars in the Pisces constellation. We think this moniker is a super cool five-letter gender-neutral name choice. Delta is of Greek origin meaning “born fourth”.


Our first president, George Washington, was a Pisces! And that is just one reason why we love the name George as a Pisces name choice. George has been used as both a boys and girls name and is of Greek origin.


Kadin as a name means “a kind friend; a companion”. And just as any friend as a Pisces knows, this sign of the Zodiac is infinitely caring and loyal.


As you know, Pisces’ element is water and Kai means “from the sea” in Hawaiian. The name is also tied to many other water meanings across various other cultures.

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The Pisces sign’s flower is the Water Lily. Lily not only makes for a cute and pretty Pisces name, but it is also a Botanical Baby Name choice too. Lilies are associated with rebirth and motherhood. 


When it comes to names for Pisces babies, Mariella may just be our favorite. Meaning “star of the sea”, Mariella combines both astrological cosmic nods with the sign’s element of water.


Neptune is Pisces’ ruling planet and could make a a great unconventional name choice for a baby of this water sign. The blueish planet, was named after the Roman god of the sea.


Meaning small river, this short and sweet three-letter baby name is another great Pisces name that embraces its water element and the dream-like nature of the sign.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg was also a Pisces, and a powerful person to look to as your baby’s namesake. Ruth is of Hebrew origin and means “friend”.


Yume is a name with Japanese origins and comes from the word “yum” which means “dream” and “vision”, making it a great baby boy name for a Pisces dreamer.

First and Middle Pisces Name Ideas

  • Mariella Lily: This Pisces name combination couldn’t be prettier.
  • Aisling Ria: Dream big little river!
  • Yume Kai: Another dreamy combo if we do say so ourselves.
  • George Callan: We love how this first and middle name combo mixes up classic and unique monikers.

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