Aquarius Names for Water Bearer Babies-to-Be

Aquarius babies are born between January 21st and February 18th. If your due date falls within Aquarius season, you’re a parent-to-be who is surely in for a treat. Aquarians are thought to be forward-thinking, unique, and socially responsible individuals.

This sign of the Zodiac is symbolized by the water bearer because people born under the sign have an innate ability to discard what isn’t needed and preserve what is useful. Take a look at these Aquarius names that evoke the same strengths and meanings as the Zodiac sign.

Aquarius baby names

Aquarius Names for Girls and Boys

Whether inspired by famous aquarians, the sign’s air element or its notable attributes, we think these Aquarius baby names couldn’t be more fitting:


Alicia Keys is one Aquarius who has most definitely made a name for herself. The air sign must surely fuel the fire within this girl! Alicia is a variant of Alice, meaning “noble-natured”.


Aquarius is the 10th largest constellation in the sky. It occupies an area of 980 square degrees in the southern celestial hemisphere — that’s about twice the size of the Sun. Celeste as a name is of Latin origin and means “of the sky, heavenly”.


Aquarians are known for being good at thinking outside of the box. That’s why we think this Aquarius name of Irish origin meaning “wise advisor” could make for the perfect choice for a water bearer baby.


The Eta Aquariids are an annual meteor shower that radiate from the Aquarius constellation around May 6th every year. And it is associated with Halley’s Comet, which occurs every 75 to 76 years. If you are into astronomy, a name of Eta Halley could make for a nice celestial name combo!


“The Age of Aquarius” was a hit still enjoyed today from the musical Hair, which celebrated hippie culture. Featherly is a name that nods at both the hippie, free thinking ways of Aquarians as well as the sign’s air element. Check out more Hippie Baby Name Ideas here!


After escaping slavery, Frederick Douglass became a national leader of the abolitionist movement, as well as a social reformer, writer, and statesman. We think Frederick, a name of German origin meaning peaceful ruler, is a great Aquarius name choice, as it embodies the sign’s social responsibility and fervor for justice.


Guthrie is of Irish and Gallic origin and means, “windy spot”. Aquarius is an air sign like Gemini and Libra.


A little bit rustic and also very unique, Jett is a Dutch name that means “free”. As Aquarians tend to be unique, free thinkers, we think this Aquarius name choice could also symbolize jets in the sky to make a nice nod to the sign’s air element.


Meaning, “counselor and intelligent”, this gender neutral name choice embodies the signs’ tendencies to analyze, synthesize, and probe when thinking through a task at hand or solving a problem. It’s also a classic name that is used in modern day times and can straddle the old and new with ease, just like Aquarians.


Rosa Parks is another Aquarian who was beyond brave and not afraid to rattle the status quo in order to benefit society. The name Rosa is of Latin origin and means, “rose”. Take a look at more Botanical-Inspired Baby Names.


Aquamarine, electric blue, and violet are thought to be lucky colors for Aquariuses. That is why we love using this vibrant color as an Aquarius name choice. The name literally means, “purple”, but we think it stands for so much more.


To name the time of year that Aquarius season falls in, Winter could make for a lovely boy or girl name. Not to mention that the pregnancy announcement can practically write itself: “Winter is Coming…“.

Aquarius Name Combinations

  • Celeste Violet: This a super feminine name that carries Aquarius feels from start to finish.
  • Frederick Guthrie: Classic and very unique, we love the duality of this name combo.
  • Rosa Winter: The name has a pretty ring to it, but couldn’t be more powerful.
  • Conroy Quinn: This name sounds like it is straight out of a best-selling novel, the little Aquarian with this moniker would surely be a character in the making.

If you are due toward the end of Aquarius season, you could end up with a little Pisces instead! Check out some Capricorn names if you think your baby may come early and Pisces names just in case your babe takes their time!

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