Cancer Names for Your Caring Water Sign Baby

Cancer babies are born between June 21st and July 22nd. The cardinal water sign is ruled by the moon and is symbolized by the Crab. Little Cancer crabs are thought to be emotional, empathetic and in tune with their emotions. They are characterized as being sensitive, mysterious, sentimental, and little homebodies. 

If you’re expecting a Cancer baby of your own, check out these Cancer names inspired by the sign’s elements, characteristics and strengths: 

Cancer Names for Girls and Boys


Adrian is of Latin origin and means “sea” or “water”. Cancer is a water sign like Scoripo and Pisces. Signs that belong to the water element are believed to be very sensitive and emotional, but they also possess deep intuitive powers. 


Another name of Latin origin, Aurora means “dawn” or “new beginnings”. Cancer is one of four cardinal signs: Cancer starts summer, while Libra begins fall, Capricorn, winter and Aries, spring. As a cardinal water sign, Cancer is associated with beginnings.


Cancer’s power colors are white and silver. For Cancers, these colors help provide a clean slate so that their sensitivity and understanding can flow more deeply. Blanca is a name of Spanish origin and means “white”. 


Cove makes for a cute and unique gender neutral name, it means “coastal inlet” or “small bay” and has an English Origin.  


Koray is of Turkish origin and  it is composed of “Kor”, which means “ember” and “Ay”, which means moon. So together it has the meaning: “a moon in the colour of ember”. Cancers are ruled by the moon. 


The moon is Cancer’s ruling planet. The moon is the planet that governs our emotions and feelings. Luna is a name of Spanish origin and means “moon”. Plus, Cancer’s lucky gemstone is moonstone.


Morgan is considered a unisex Celctic name and means “sea dweller”, making it a great Cancer name idea for your water sign baby. 


Neo of ancient Greek origin means “new” or “new beginnings”, which can tie back to Cancers being a cardinal water sign. 


A birthstone for June — a possible birth month for Cancers — Pearl is a Latin name and means “precious”. 


Ruby is July’s birthstone and the other month that little Cancer babies can be born in. Ruby is of Latin and French origin and means “deep red precious stone”. 


A name with Arabic ties, Sabrina means “goddess of the river”, making it a fitting moniker for this water sign baby. 


Inspired by Cancer’s symbol of the crab. Sebastian is a favorite character from “The Little Mermaid”. It’s also a fitting name for Cancers, meaning “revered” in Latin languages. 


Cancer marks the start of the summer season, so this seasonally inspired Cancer name idea can pay tribute to the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings. 

Cancer Name Combinations 

  • Aurora Pearl: Unique and very Cancer appropriate. This name combination would mean a “precious new beginning”, how fitting for a new little one entering the world?
  • Sebastian Cove: Another one-of-a-kind Cancer name combo that ties back to the sign’s element and symbol. 
  • Luna Blanca: White moon, this name combination has a deep, mythical feel to it. 
  • Adrian Koray: This Cancer name combination will be tied to both the sign’s water element and ruling planet. 

Cancers are born in between Gemini and Leo zodiac signs. Check out some Gemini name options in case your little one has an early arrival and Leo names if you’re due at the end of Gemini season.

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