Lovely Leo Names for Your Courageous and Bold Baby-to-Be

Looking for Leo names for your new little one? Leos are born between July 23rd and August 22nd. They are considered to be the natural leaders of the Zodiac and are symbolized by the brave lion. Leos are a fixed fire sign and are ruled by the sun. If you are due to have a Leo baby you can expect to parent a joyful, confident, and courageous little one. 

To find a name that is fitting of your summer baby-to-be, check out these Leo names that are sure to suit the little firecracker. 

leo baby names for boys and girls

Leo Names for Girls and Boys


Allegra is of Italian origin and means “joyful” and “lively”. We love this moniker as a Leo name choice because it exudes a brightness that Leos inherently possess. 


Amber is considered a lucky stone of this sign of the Zodiac. Plus, it’s fiery color ties back to the sign’s fixed element. Amber is a rare gemstone and when used as a name has an Arabic origin and means “jewel”. 


Ari means “lion” in Hebrew, and is a short and sweet three-letter baby name choice for your little Leo on the way. 


Another Leo name idea of Hebrew origin, Caleb means “faithful”, “whole-hearted”, “bold”, or “brave”, which are all attributes embodied by Leos. 


Meaning “warm” or “fiery”, Calida is a name of Spanish origin. Leos are a fire sign, like Aries and Sagittarius. The fire sign is thought to be an indicator of creativity. We love the idea of using Cali as a nickname. 


A lovely little name of Irish origin that means “little fire”, Ena is a unique moniker that’s bound to suit a creative little Leo. 


A name with both French and Japanese ties meaning “double happiness”, Kiki is cute and feisty and speaks to the joyous nature that Leos exude. 


Leonardo or Leo for short, the name means “brave lion” and is of Latin origins. Leo who is a Leo… can you get any more on the money than that?


Another Leo name idea inspired by the sign’s symbol. Nahla is an infamous character from the Disney classic “The Lion King”. In some African countries, Nahla means “queen”, “successful woman” and of course, “lion”. 


A name of Irish origin, Riley means “courageous” or “valiant”, another Leo name choice that speaks to the sign’s brave and bold character. 


Leos are ruled by the Sun. Soleil means “sun” in French. In astrology, the sun symbolizes the energy that powers all the other planets.


A name of English origin, Wyatt means “brave” and makes for a unique five-letter baby name choice.  

Leo Name Combinations 

  • Ena Allegra: A little fire that’s full of joy and happiness. 
  • Caleb Leonardo: A great Leo name for a brave lion-like baby-to-be. 
  • Kiki Soleil: French in origin and fun and fitting for a happy little Leo. 
  • Riley Wyatt: There will be no doubting the bravery behind the boy with this name. 

Leos are born in between Cancer and Virgo zodiac signs. Check out some Cancer name options in case your little one has an early arrival and Virgo names if you think they may come late.

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