Top Safe Eco-Friendly Baby Products Gear Guide

Looking for the best natural and eco friendly baby products?

You’re here because you care about giving your child the healthiest start possible. If you’re like us, you’re concerned about the chemicals in the items we use every day. Why are they there in the first place? And especially when it comes to baby gear?

best eco friendly baby products

Our team has been through every stage of baby and childhood, and we’ve been putting together an annual gear guide for 13 years now. We also reach out to industry leaders, safety experts, and fellow parents to create these lists of all the things we loved having and wished we’d had for our little ones.

So, whether you’re creating your baby registry or just shopping for a safe baby shower gift, you’ll always find our newest picks for safe, non-toxic baby gear here. We search high and low for the safest, most convenient and non-toxic and eco-friendly baby products to save you the guess work.

The Best Eco Friendly Baby Products

These guides to non-toxic and safe baby gear will help you pick the best strollers, car seats, toys, sleep aids, carriers, and more.

Keep reading further down to learn more about our criteria and chemicals to avoid in baby products.

Baby Gear By Category

Or jump right to the categories here to find just what you need.


The Best Nontoxic Crib Mattresses
Safe Bassinets and Co-Sleepers
Safe Sleep Aids for Baby
Best Humidifiers for Baby’s Room


Non Toxic Car Seats – Free From Chemical Flame Retardants
The Best Eco Friendly Strollers
Sustainable and Safe Babywearing Carriers, Wraps, and Slings


Natural Breastfeeding Supplies
How to Choose a Breast Pump
Homemade Baby Food Guide
Baby Led Weaning


Guide to Using and Buying Cloth Diapers
DIY Cloth Baby Wipes
The Best Cloth Diaper Sprayers
DIY Diaper Rash Cream

Bath and Skin Care

Natural Baby Bath and Skin Care Items
Complete Sunscreen Guide for Babies and Kids


Nontoxic Baby Toys
Are Plastic Toys Safe for Babies?
Why and How to Choose Battery Free Toys

Chemicals to Avoid in Baby Products

Because a baby’s brain, lungs, and nervous system are still developing, toxins are more damaging to their small bodies than they are to adults. Unfortunately, endocrine disrupting chemicals are all around us.

From food to detergents and plastic toys, it seems like there’s no escape. However, if you focus on avoiding the dirty dozen endocrine disruptors (as defined by the Environmental Working Group), you can reduce your and your family’s chemical body burden.

When we recommend eco-friendly baby products, we examine third-party testing, carefully read ingredients lists, and ask in-depth questions to make sure they don’t contain these toxic chemicals:

  • formaldehyde
  • flame retardants
  • VOCs
  • PVC
  • harmful phthalates
  • BPA + BPS (bisphenols)
  • lead + other heavy metals
  • synthetic fragrance
  • PFAS (we’re still researching these and adding them to each guide)

Do You Really Need a Ton of Baby Gear?

Many parents don’t have the space or choose not to create a separate room for baby. In the baby prep stages, we call this nesting without a nursery.

If you’re going to travel by car with your baby, a non-toxic car seat would make your must-have list. But if you like to keep baby close, you may use an organic baby carrier more often than a stroller – especially in those early days.

You’ll be relieved to know that our guides include sections to help you decide whether you really need an eco-friendly baby product or not.

What to Do When You’re Finished with Eco Friendly Baby Products

We also include a section in our guides to help you reuse, donate, sell, or recycle all those eco-friendly baby products.

No one wants to end up with a garage full of strollers, car seats, play yards, and bins of clothes – unless you’re having another baby. Some of the tips you’ll find in each guide can also help you buy baby items secondhand.

If you’re a visual searcher, you might find these links to our lists of sustainable baby products more helpful.

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  1. Hello, are PFAS also considered? I don’t see it on the list, but suppose they should be included? Thanks!

  2. Vanessa Lepice says:

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