Guided Meditation Script and Printable Craft: The Mindfulness Cabin

We’re so excited to share this adorable new guided meditation for kids – the first to include a printable scene to go along with a relaxing meditation. The printable craft and guided meditation script are fun to make and help foster continual moments of calm.

Guide your child on a calming trip into the woods to meet baby bear cubs Molly and Moon at their mindfulness cabin. Norwegian illustrator Vibeke Høie-Holgersen created this printable scene and Mellisa Dormoy wrote a darling guided meditation script to accompany it.

When your little one “enters” this calming cabin scene, it puts them in the perfect mindset to relax and practice mindfulness.

You can make this project with your child to play with anytime. And if you read the meditation script at bedtime, they can place the bears in their favorite meditation spot so they can all practice together.

Once your child is settled, read the script in a soothing voice. Keep the pace slow, and pause when you feel like your child needs time to picture it in their imagination. During the focusing part, follow your child’s cues on how long to wait.

Download the mindfulness printable here.

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guided meditation script with printable craft

Printable by Vibeke Høie-Holgersen. Script by Mellisa Dormoy. Both are copyrighted for in home or live virtual use. They may not be used or recorded for any other purpose.

Molly & Moon’s Mindfulness Cabin Guided Meditation Script

When you’re ready, lie back and get comfortable. Gently close your eyes and take in a nice big breath that fills up your tummy. Now let it out and feel your shoulders and body get soft and relaxed.

Take another deep breath and as you exhale, let all the stress, thoughts and any worries of the day just float out on the wind of your breath and float far, far away.

As you continue to breathe steadily, allow your body and mind to become completely relaxed. Imagine yourself in a beautiful wooded area.

It’s safe and comfortable here, with the calming sound of gentle wind moving the leaves of tall trees around you. These woods can be deep in a quiet forest, or very near to your home and family. Whatever feels safe and relaxing to you.

As you slowly explore the woods, you come across two friendly, furry bear cub friends. Their names are Molly and Moon.

Molly and Moon are excited to show you their charming little cabin in the woods. It sits in the middle of trees and flowers, and there’s a small campfire outside the cabin. The air is crisp and fresh, and it’s so peaceful here.

Molly shares that this is their mindfulness cabin. Practicing mindfulness helps her bring peace and joy to her life. It also helps her to feel her feelings – good or bad – but not let them take too much of a hold on her.

Moon tells you that he also loves to take time for gratitude and mindfulness here at the cabin each day. He explains that being mindful is simply giving all your attention and focus to one thing in the present moment.

He asks if you would like to focus your attention on a mindfulness moment now.

It can be a very simple thing you choose to focus on… like a color, or your breath, or the feeling of love or kindness.

Molly focuses on the little butterflies flitting about the flowers. They’re so light and playful. And they certainly know how to be in the here and now.

Moon lies on his back and looks up at the puffy clouds. They float by with no cares or worries. They’re not afraid to change shapes or direction. They just flow along easily with life.

It’s really interesting because you realize that when we are focused on one thing, we become totally absorbed in the moment. We are not thinking about anything else, not worrying about the past or the future. We are simply enjoying the experience of being in this very moment and being able to witness feelings and sensations.

Now sitting outside around the small warm campfire, we learn that mindfulness is a skill we can use all the time, just by being aware and fully focused in the moment.

You can stay here focusing on whatever you choose for as long as you like.

Molly and Moon smile at you. They are so happy to have met you. They tell you to come back to their mindfulness cabin any time you’d like.

When you’re ready, give your body a big stretch and open your eyes.

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  1. Alexandra Entner says:

    Thank you so much for publishing such amazing content. I’ve been faithfully following green child since my oldest daughter was a baby. She is now nine! My kids just finished this guided meditation project and absolutely loved it. Thank you again, please keep up the wonderful work.

    1. Amity Hook-Sopko says:

      Awwww <3 This makes our day! So glad you and your children enjoy the meditations, and thanks for coming along this journey with us.

  2. Wonderful material and greatly needed. Thank you!

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      So glad you like it! Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂