Encourage a lifelong love of nature with this Earth Day meditation for kids

An Earth Day meditation can help your child connect with nature on a deeper level. Enjoy this guided meditation outside with your little ones on Earth Day or anytime you’d like to appreciate Mother Earth together.

When we were collecting quotes about positive parenting, we included this gem: “If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” So, wouldn’t it make sense that if we teach kids to meditate on the beauty of nature, we could solve some of our environmental issues?

earth day meditation for kids

Earth Day is April 22nd. If you’re looking for impactful ways to celebrate Earth Day with kids, this guided meditation is a great one.

Nature Meditation is Important and Fun for Kids

Earth Day is an opportunity to appreciate our amazing planet and all of its natural beautiful resources. A guided meditation can be a powerful tool for helping kids connect with Mother Nature in a meaningful and personal way. Here’s why:

  • Meditation can help kids feel connected with nature and understand their role in protecting our incredible planet.
  • Guided meditation is a powerful tool for reducing stress and promoting mindfulness in kids. When kids quiet their minds and focus on the present moment, they feel more relaxed and calm. This can help them approach the natural world with a greater sense of awareness and appreciation.
  • Meditation can help to reduce stress and increase feelings of compassion, peace, and wellbeing, which are important for our overall health and the health of the planet.
  • By focusing on the present moment, kids can tap into their innate sense of wonder and curiosity. This can help to inspire creative thinking and problem-solving skills, which are important for protecting the earth and promoting sustainability.

We generally recommend practicing our guided meditations for kids during quiet time or at bedtime. But this Earth Day meditation is fun to do outside. After all, if we want kids to grow up loving and protecting nature, we need to get them outside to fall in love with it!

Sit on the grass, under a canopy of trees, near a body of water, or anywhere your child feels at peace in nature. This could accompany an outdoor yoga session or simply be earth meditations time. Read the script slowly in a calm voice, pausing to allow the words to sink in.

Earth Day Meditation for Kids

The indigenous people of The Andes have a special name for our beautiful Mother Earth. They call her Pachamama. You can imagine her as they did, as a beautiful mother, with long flowing black hair, and her body as the Earth, clothed in deep blue and emerald green.

She loves her people, her animals, and all creatures. She loves her majestic mountains and her lush forests. And she loves her deep oceans, lakes, and crystal rivers. They are all her children and all part of her. Let’s go explore more now in our meditation. 

Close your eyes and take a full deep breath. Let your mind clear, focus on your breath and remember how the breath gives life and animates the body. Send your breath down to fill your belly.

Now, exhale fully and let the breath go before breathing in deeply again. Notice how your body relaxes with these slow breaths. It’s so calming to focus your attention on the breath and simply be grateful for this moment of rest. 

Imagine in front of you now, our beautiful Mother Earth.

She is majestic and amazing – the caretaker of all living things. You can imagine her in all her beauty as her rivers lovingly flow and grasses sway in the fields as the wind and sun kiss them each day. She lovingly provides for all our physical needs – water, food, and shelter. 

In the past, she has sometimes been ignored or treated unkindly. And we are here now to change that.

We honor her for all she gives. We acknowledge her constant love. We can be respectful and care for her, as much as she cares for us. This means we naturally think about her and how we can treat her best each and every day. 

Feel your heart now filling full of love and gratitude for everything you are freely given by our Mother Earth. 

The idea of spending time in nature every single day to enjoy the beauty of our amazing, wonderful planet settles into your mind. Nature can heal us and calm our minds and emotions.

See yourself taking a walk with someone you love through a beautiful forest. Feel the trees gently sway and comfort you as the wind blows softly through your hair.

Touch the rich, dark soil beneath your feet, which is alive with many beneficial critters and fungi that help keep our Earth whole and pure. It is because of the living soil that our Earth can produce food for us to eat. 

Imagine sending love and caring to her now as you see yourself holding the whole Earth in your arms, giving her a big hug. See a big bubble of pure healing love all around the Earth… purifying her rivers, cleaning up her oceans, nourishing her dense green forests, and sending life back into the rich, deep soil of her plains.

Imagine the healing of her lakes, rivers, and skies. Clean water is important for all living things. Send kindness and friendship to all the animals who walk upon her and are dependent upon her, just like we are.

Our actions matter. Our Mother Earth needs our love and care, just as we do.

She has it now…thanks to you. We are grateful for her gifts every single day. It feels amazing and she is so very happy right now. Share in this moment of joy as you connect with her energy. She feels your love and sincere caring. 

Make a commitment to care for our Earth and to teach others how to care for her, too. Every choice we make matters. It’s a very important job, and the more we care, the healthier and happier she becomes.

Take a deep breath and open your eyes when you’re ready.

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Happy Earth Day!

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