How to Put Your Home on a Diet To Eliminate Clutter

The Benefits of Removing Clutter from Your Home If you’ve never thought about the connection between excess stuff and excess weight, this will be extremely interesting to you.

Why You Might Need to Go On a Clutter Diet “The less you need to insure, protect, dust, reorganize, and move… the closer you’ll be to hearing inspiration’s call.” This quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer certainly offers a freedom we all crave. It also presents the question of whether you own your stuff, or your stuff owns you.

How to Put Your Home on a Clutter Diet If you’re convinced you need to get your clutter under control, here’s how to tackle it. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time and plenty of grace. The stuff didn’t pile up overnight, and it’ll take a bit of time to pare it down.

Set a specific goal Make a goal for yourself of what you want to organize.

Find the source of your clutter

Where does most of your clutter originate? Here are some of the common sources of clutter: Bills, mail, paperwork Children’s artwork and school papers Coats, hats, gloves Lists and reminder notes

Purge and let go Just as you would purge sugar, junk foods, and the things that are causing weight-gain from your diet, eliminate the clutter one step at a time.

Let your eyes gently close and take in a big, full breath. Deep breathing is good for your whole body.

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