How to Set Up an Interesting Montessori Kitchen at Home 

Kids love play kitchens, but the Montessori Method takes it a step further by creating an actual functioning space for kids to prepare food independently.

Ask most parents about their child’s favorite foods and you’ll get the usual… potatoes, chicken nuggets, and pasta.

Trust me, you’re not alone in the worry and self-judgement that comes with having a picky eater. Happily, there is hope. It starts with getting your kids involved in the kitchen. And setting up a Montessori kitchen in your home can create interest, excitement, and independence when it comes to food.

Bringing Montessori Principles Home

Encouraging the child to do things for themselves is one Montessori fundamental.

What is a Montessori Kitchen?

A Montessori kitchen is a child-sized space where cooking tools and supplies are stored easily within a child’s reach. They can access everything they need to prepare (and clean up) actual food independently.

It includes kid-friendly tools to keep kitchen work safe. And it is ideally placed near the regular kitchen so adults can model skills and provide supervision.

Kitchen Skills to Teach Kids

The snacks and foods your child will prepare in their own kitchen are generally no-bake items. These might be fruits, veggies, greens, fruit salads, cereals, trail mixes, nut butter or jam on toast, and other simple snacks. Your child may get to a point where they are completely independent for breakfast.

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