Nature-Inspired Baby Names from Around the World

Choosing a baby name with the right meaning, sounds, and connection to your family can be a huge undertaking. That’s where nature steps in.

Names inspired by nature have meaning that never goes out of style. On top of that, a nature baby name gives baby something in the world to feel connected with all their life.

The world is full of beautiful cultures with beautiful names. And they’ve been inspired to name children after nature since the beginning of baby names!

Aster is the ancient Greek word for “star.” The modern word is “asteri” which is another charming baby name that works for any gender.



The Icelandic and Swedish word for “bear.” It means “bear” in a number of European countries, but just has a slightly different spelling. In Norse Mythology, Thor and Odin would visit the human world disguised as bears so they would go unnoticed by humans.


This popular name is a nature-inspired baby name in a number of cultures. As a Welsh name, it means “keeper of the keys.” In Hawaiian and Japanese, it serves as the word for the ocean and the sea. It’s a popular name for good reason!


The name of the moon in Spanish, Italian, as well as Latin. In Roman Mythology, Luna was the goddess of the moon. Luna is considered a feminine name, and understandably so given its connection with women.