No Pressure Potty Training: The Child Led Potty Method That Works

Child led potty training is as simple as it sounds. You follow your child’s cues to tell when they’re ready. This no pressure potty training method may just be the best parenting move you can make.

Potty training can be as natural a learning process as walking, that is, if you create the right, positive environment.

Here you’ll find tips on how to make toilet training as effortless as possible.

It’s a good reminder for us that if we only have a few minutes to meditate, practice deep breathing, or say some affirmations… we still get plenty of relaxation and health benefits.

No Pressure Potty Training for the Win

“The simple truth about potty training is that if the child is ready, it happens very easily.

Toilet Training is a Complex Skill

Before you rush baby to the potty at the first squat, consider what’s involved in learning toileting skills. First, baby has to be aware of the pressure sensations of his bowel and bladder.

Then he must make the connection between these sensations and what’s happening inside his body.

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