Simple DIY Upcycled Planters & Seed Starters for Gardening

Gardening in small spaces is a great way to bring fresh ingredients into your diet. We chose cardboard to make these upcycled planters and seed starters because we wanted a plastic-free option.

These planters can be made from what you have on hand and are perfect for starting seeds or herb gardening.

Little hands can easily help. There’s no need for perfection with these. And you’ll be helping to grow a good eater by getting your child involved in gardening.

Gardening is also an excellent form of exercise – burning 200 or more calories per hour – and school garden programs have been shown to help reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

DIY Upcycled Planters & Seed Starters

Planter Materials: – Empty Cartons – Scissors – Soil – Seeds or plants

Have one or many, these easy planters are cute, functional and perfectly sized for herbs or small flowers.

Rinse carton and let dry. – Using a knife or scissors, carefully cut out one side of the carton. – Fill with soil, plant your seeds (or seedlings!) and watch them grow.