The Benefits of Reading to Your Baby in the Womb 

You may think the only benefits of reading to your unborn baby are the relaxation and bonding you feel. But science shows that reading to baby in the womb helps develop early language learning.

In small children, reading is proven to help with language development and increased word recognition.

Reading can also create a positive bond between parent and child. It can provide a great wind-down before bedtime and spark an early interest in learning.

Talking, singing, or playing music to a baby while in the womb comes naturally to many expecting mothers. They instinctively know the importance of early bonding.

Parent-Baby Bonding and Lower Maternal Stress

Many studies show that reading (particularly from the mother’s relaxing voice) causes a baby’s fetal heart rate to lower. Also, the bond that is experienced between parent and child later on can start to occur while Mama or Papa read to the baby prenatally.

Books to Read to Your Baby in the Womb

Your favorite classics, mysteries, sci-fi, love stories – whatever you enjoy and feel comfortable reading aloud.

Whatever text you choose to read to your unborn baby—funny or classically heartwarming—it’s the process of prenatal reading that matters.

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