The Simple Buy Nothing New Challenge 

The Buy Nothing New Challenge makes it easier than you think to live simply (and save lots of money) for a month!

We used to suggest the Buy Nothing New Challenge mainly for the green reasons behind it. Of course, it’s always important to consider ways to conserve, waste less, reduce your impact, get in touch with nature, and create sustainable habits.

But lately readers are finding this in their search for ways to save money. So many things – including essentials – are wildly expensive right now. This challenge can help free up your budget so you can afford what’s important or necessary.

What’s the Buy Nothing New Challenge?

As described by, this is all about considering and cutting down on your consumption and, at times, the overabundance of “stuff” in our lives. Excess consumption of goods creates a wasteful mindset towards Earth’s valuable resources.

How to Tackle the Buy Nothing New Challenge

While you can totally make this challenge about making no purchases (beyond groceries), it doesn’t have to be about spending no money on anything. It’s more about avoiding the purchase of unnecessary goods and putting deeper thought into what you buy.

Take Stock of What You Have

This is a great way to kickstart your buy nothing new adventures. Give each family member a project (go through their toys or clothes) and discuss whether you need certain items. Discuss the connection between owning less, buying less, and wanting less.

USE What You Have

Those partially-used lotions and beauty products in the bathroom drawer, well-intentioned cleaning products under the kitchen sink, stuff lining the walls of the garage… there are dozens of items around your home that have been in a state of half-use for far too long.