10 Indoor Plants That May Be Dangerous to Kids and Pets

Indoor plants can beautify your home, bring a bit of nature to your interior space, and purify the air. But some house plants can be dangerous to curious kids and pets.

Many tropical or exotic plants can be dangerous if ingested, and those that aren’t harmful to eat could still cause a skin reaction in a child or pet with a sensitivity.


A plant that grows natively in tropical American climates, philodendron is a popular indoor plant due to its pretty heart-shaped leaves. You can also grow it from seed, or repot it into a container you use inside the house. However, it is mildly toxic to both children and pets.


This indoor/outdoor flowering plant needs at least half a day of direct sunlight in order to bloom, and it doesn’t tolerate the cold very well. Due to those characteristics, some experts recommend bringing the oleander inside, especially during the winter.


The Amaryllis plant comes from South Africa and contains a poisonous irritant called lycorine. It is present in the bulb and must be eaten in large amounts to cause adverse reactions.

Devil’s Trumpet

This plant is easy to grow indoors, but all parts of it are poisonous. The degree of toxicity is so severe, it has been used in suicides and murders. The plant is beloved due to its distinctive flowers that become up to six inches long. Due to the inherent danger of this plant, though, you may want to keep it out of the house.

Crown of Thorns

Interestingly, this plant has many associations with Jesus Christ, and by its name, you may be led to believe it was used during his crucifixion. However, the Crown of Thorns is native to Madagascar, and wasn’t known in biblical times.

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