Stargazing with Kids 

Stargazing with kids is a fun way to enjoy the night sky, plus it may encourage their love for science.

The night sky is full of stories, adventures, and curiosities. Not only is gazing into the sky one of many ways to encourage your child’s natural love of learning, it’s also a step toward raising thoughtful, introspective, universe-conscious people.

We always say that if we want to raise kids who grow up to protect our environment, we have to get them outside early on so they can fall in love with nature.

Why not take the family out and turn your heads to the sky this summer?

Scout Out a Good Spot for Stargazing with Kids

The most important factor in pinning-down a good stargazing spot is to get as far away from light pollution as you can.

Bring Stargazing Provisions

A kid-sized telescope transforms those bright blobs in the sky into magical celestial objects. Many kids telescopes double as microscopes, too — a great tool for all kinds of exploring.

Download a children’s stargazing app onto your phone so that your kids can start investigating the sky before the sun goes down.

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