Fun Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt Printables + Ideas for Kids

Going on a nature scavenger hunt is a great way to spend time outside with your kids. These activities can be educational, encourage creativity, or just plain fun.

If you have a child who needs something to keep them busy outside, look no further. Especially for kids who are new to spending time outside, having a project to focus on can keep them engaged for hours. It can also open their eyes to the wonders of wild spaces!

Long term studies show kids who spend time in nature become happier, more well-adjusted adults who experience more stable mental health. These nature and outdoor scavenger hunt ideas offer something fun for little ones and big kids alike.

Planning a Great Scavenger Hunt

You can easily make your own list of nature finds to hunt for. Make sure they are items you’ve seen in your yard or local park like a pinecone, a feather, something a deer could eat, etc. Then you can talk about how each item relates to animals, plants, or our environment.

Leave nature the same or better than you found it

Follow the same principles of no-trace camping during your nature scavenger hunt. You’ll be setting a positive example for your kids of treating nature with care and respect.

Nature Scavenger Hunt Ideas + Printables

From traditional scavenger hunts to nature walks, you’re sure to find the perfect outdoor activity for kids here!

What’s better than raising kids who love and protect nature? Encouraging an attitude of gratitude at the same time! This activity from All Natural Adventures is all about finding gratitude in wild spaces.

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