Guided Meditation Script and Printable Craft: The Mindfulness Cabin 

We’re so excited to share this adorable new guided meditation for kids – the first to include a printable scene to go along with a relaxing meditation. The printable craft and guided meditation script are fun to make and help foster continual moments of calm.

Guide your child on a calming trip into the woods to meet baby bear cubs Molly and Moon at their mindfulness cabin. Norwegian illustrator Vibeke Høie-Holgersen created this printable scene and Mellisa Dormoy wrote a darling guided meditation script to accompany it.

You can make this project with your child to play with anytime. And if you read the meditation script at bedtime, they can place the bears in their favorite meditation spot so they can all practice together.

Once your child is settled, read the script in a soothing voice. Keep the pace slow, and pause when you feel like your child needs time to picture it in their imagination. During the focusing part, follow your child’s cues on how long to wait.

Molly & Moon’s Mindfulness Cabin Guided Meditation Script

When you’re ready, lie back and get comfortable. Gently close your eyes and take in a nice big breath that fills up your tummy. Now let it out and feel your shoulders and body get soft and relaxed.

Take another deep breath and as you exhale, let all the stress, thoughts and any worries of the day just float out on the wind of your breath and float far, far away.

As you continue to breathe steadily, allow your body and mind to become completely relaxed. Imagine yourself in a beautiful wooded area.