5 Minute Guided Meditation for Anxiety

As adults, we often think we don’t have time for meditation. But one of the reasons our guided meditation scripts for kids are so popular is how short and powerful they are. With this 5 minute guided meditation for anxiety script, you’ll help your child gently process and release any worries they have.

5 Minute Guided Meditation for Anxiety script for kids

Using a meditation script has profound effects on your child’s ability to deal with stressful situations and cope when they’re having a hard time. Guided meditation also helps them fall asleep faster, increases their attention span, helps with headaches, improves active listening skills, and lets them tap into an overall sense of ease and inner peace.

It’s a good reminder for us that if we only have a few minutes to meditate, practice deep breathing, or say some affirmations… we still get plenty of relaxation and health benefits.

You know how sometimes your temper can flare in mere seconds? Or a wave of humiliation can wash over you suddenly in public? Emotions and mood changes can happen fast. It seems like bad news – and sometimes it is. But it also means we can stop a few bad moments from ruining our whole day by becoming mindful.

This one is a free 5-minute guided meditation script for anxiety. Any time your child has had a rough day or you know they’re worried or upset about something, this is a great way to help them feel the problem and let it go.

Note that we aren’t trying to distract them and bury the cause of the anxiety. This mindfulness meditation encourages your child to think about (or speak the problem aloud) and then release it.

5 Minute Guided Meditation for Anxiety

Today we are going to learn to deal with any troubles or worries you may have.

When you’re ready, get into a comfortable position. Sit or lie back and feel your body relaxing fully. Just knowing we are about to start a few quiet minutes of meditation can relax you.

Let your eyes gently close and take in a big, full breath. Deep breathing is good for your whole body. Feel the air flow all the way down to your belly. You can direct your breath to any part of your body where you need calming or stress relief. Each time exhale slowly and fully. Allow your body to relax and sink into your seat or bed a bit more. 

If your mind wanders any time, that’s fine. Just come back to your breath and the present moment.

Feel a sensation of calm spreading from the tips of your toes slowly through your body and through the top of your head. Can you relax your arms and legs? Can you also relax your face?

Now, picture a big wooden bowl in your mind. What does it look like? What color is it?

See it so vividly you could almost touch it. Now you are holding the bowl in your hands. Pull the bowl close to you. In your mind’s eye, watch the contents of the bowl now change into golden-colored light that surrounds and protects you. The light is warm and welcoming.

Now, keeping your eyes closed, breathe in slowly and breathe out steadily. Picture that you’re standing, holding the bowl of golden light, covered in its radiance. In your mind, you look around to find yourself in a beautiful warm kitchen.

You’re not alone in here. There’s a kind woman in the kitchen, too. Maybe she is a grandmother or someone you know. Or maybe she’s the most loving, sweet, and welcoming character from a book or movie you’ve seen.

She’s stirring a big pot on an old-fashioned stove and turns to let you pour the shining liquid from your bowl into it. She thanks you and smiles with love. As the liquid flows into the big pot, a radiant trail of steam swirls into beautiful patterns that fill the air.

The kitchen is filled with a gentle welcoming and maybe even magical feeling. With a kind smile, the woman notices you seem a bit troubled, and asks you to share with her what’s on your heart. She assures you that you are safe here and that she truly cares about what you have to say. 

You think about the things that worry you. If there are things in your heart you want to share with this kind woman, you know you can safely do so now. You can do this in the quiet of your own mind or you can say them aloud. Visualize you are telling the woman your problems. You feel calm and loved, like you can open up freely to her. If you need to cry, she pats your back and wipes your tears with her apron. She’s a good listener and you know she understands.

If you need advice, she offers some of the wisdom she’s gained over many years of joys and troubles. And when you need her to listen, she tells you to go ahead and let it out. She also tells you that big feelings – especially ones that cause worry or anxiety – are always better when you let them out instead of hold them in.

Anytime you need to release worries or a bad moment, you can always come back to this gentle person and her warm kitchen. She’s a part of you and is always happy to help you.

You’ve done a wonderful job sharing today. Focus your attention back to where you are now and start to notice your body again. Do you feel calmer? Take in a deep breath and exhale slowly now. You can open your eyes when you’re ready.

Now as you fall asleep (or go about the rest of your day) you can take her love and comfort with you, along with her wonderful advice about letting your problems out instead of holding them in.

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Our library of relaxation scripts offer your child the lifelong gift of a daily meditation practice. There are so many to choose from! Deep breathing guides, guided imagery adventures, sleep countdown techniques, and meditations that include an activity so they can continue practicing their mindfulness exercises on their own.

Let us know how your child enjoyed this 5-minute meditation.

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  1. Delzora Clark says:

    Great tools! Thanks.

  2. My inner child appreciated this 5 minute meditation..
    the wooden bowl, full of warm golden light, sharing my feelings with the kind woman in the kitchen.
    Knowing she is always with me and welcomes me back anytime

    1. Amity Hook-Sopko says:

      Thanks for sharing that, Bea. My inner child (and grown up self) have spent some time in that warm kitchen this week. She listened to my troubles then made me imaginary soup <3