How to Make a Homemade Marble Roller Coaster

If your child has played with a marble roller coaster at the library or a toy store, you’ve seen how entertaining it can be!  Now you can make one at home out of things you already have around the house.

Here’s what you’ll need:

• a flat pizza box for the base (or reuse a piece of foam core or cardboard)

• strips of scrap paper and sparkly tape

• L-shaped packing edges cut down to shorter lengths

• paper towel tubes of differing lengths, painted bright colors

• eco-friendly or non-toxic craft paint for painting the background of the marble run (the pizza box)

• hot glue gun for putting it all together (supervised)

• glitter, stickers, etc. for decorating

• two egg holders from an egg carton

DIY Roller CoasterMake it Colorful

Start by having the kids paint their flat pizza box with their eco-friendly paints.

Then paint your cardboard tubes and anything else they want to add a splash of color to.

Design Your Roller Coaster Course

Next, lay out the marble course. Get as creative as they want!

Glue the first piece in place.  Then test it, and glue down the next loop or shoot.  Create some back and forth movement, and be sure to give it a long drop just like a real roller coaster.

The best part?  All it takes is another paper towel holder to add new twists and turns… or to replace any broken tracks.

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