Loving Your Body Guided Meditation Script

Encourage a positive body image for your child with this guided meditation script.

Babies are born loving their bodies. Unfortunately, our culture’s influence can make us think we’re never good enough. But you can help instill a lifelong positive body image in your child by setting a good example at home and by giving them helpful messages like this one.

Self-love at an early age is important. Guided relaxation can help release negative thoughts and encourages kids to know they are worthy of love. This practice also encourages self-confidence and invites your child to release any judgment they hold about their body.

Guided Meditation Script for Loving Your Body

Read the script in a calm, relaxed voice and follow your child’s cues for the pace.

Free Guided Meditation Script for Kids: Loving Your Body

This guided imagery script is copyrighted by ShambalaKids and may only be used for in-person or live virtual reading. It may not be recorded for audio /video.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Let that breath out slowly and fully. Today we are going to learn something important about our amazing bodies.

Inhale again. And let it out slowly.

As you relax more and more, you can feel your entire body getting warm and comfortable. Your mind feels relaxed. Your body feels relaxed. All is well.

As you rest in this peaceful state, let your mind drift as you listen to my words.

Think for a moment about your body. No matter the shape or size, your body is magnificent and beautiful. Your body is composed of individual cells, which work together in harmony to keep you at your very best.

Let’s think about your feet. You might have little crooked toes, you might have perfectly straight ones, yet each and every one is perfect in its own way. Your feet and toes help you move and get to where you want to go. Say a little thank you to your amazing feet that carry you places you want to go.

Now think about your legs – your wonderful, beautiful legs. Some legs are thick and some legs are thin, but what matters is that they are powerful enough to help us move.

It’s very important to keep in mind that you don’t need to look like anyone else. You are already the perfect YOU!

We can love and appreciate our bodies exactly as they are. As we get older, we may notice some people complain about their bodies. They forget that all bodies are special and beautiful in their own way.

How boring it would be if everyone looked exactly alike! We are each so wondrously made, and we should always remember to love each and every part of our powerful, amazing bodies – inside and out.

Consider your strong back and shoulders. They help you lift and move things. They hold you up straight and help you walk tall. It’s important to be thankful for your strong back and shoulders for carrying what you need to carry in life.

Think about your arms and hands now. How wonderful it is to be able to hug the people you love. Thanks to our arms and hands, we can hold the people we care about during happy times and sad times, too. Be thankful to your arms for how strong and beautiful they are, helping you every day.

Finally, think about your beautiful face. There is no other face like yours. People can see your beautiful inner light shining out through your eyes – and even through your smile.

Remember today – and every day – to be very thankful for your marvelous body. It will be with you always, to help you experience life and express yourself in many fantastic ways.

When you’re ready and with another deep breath, open your eyes.

You’ve done a wonderful job relaxing your body and learning to be thankful for it today.


This a perfect time to discuss any emotions – positive or negative – your child felt during the relaxation. Your child is in a highly susceptible state right now, so be sure to say uplifting and positive things.

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